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Branding encompasses all aspects of graphic design
and is there to keep your business looking professional.

Corporate Branding

A companies branding should reflect it’s key values and be consistent across the board. It should become something your customers trust, recognise and most of all, believe in. Our corporate branding team make sure you stand out from your competitors, but also have a longevity to make the branding timeless. Our graphic design studio in Stockport is a perfect place to discuss all your branding requirements.


Breathe some fresh air into your brand. Sometimes you just need a few tweaks to your current branding to make sure you don’t fall behind in your current market. We at Create 8 can help you develop your corporate branding whilst taking into consideration the established brand you already have. Click here to view Core Meals. Click here to view Premier Experience.

Contact Systems Rebranding

Please take a look at our most recent branding project for Contact Systems

Product Branding

You’ve created the perfect product, so why not create the perfect brand? Our product branding designers make sure that when a customer picks up your product, they know 100% that they will buy it. Selling a product backed by unique branding means you’ll not only get customers talking, but also make sure that they come back wanting more. Click here to view the project.

Brand Guidelines

How do you know how you can use your brand? Create 8 can provide you with detailed brand guidelines which outline the classic ‘do’s and don’ts’ on how to use your brand. Our brand guideline specialists want to make sure you understand your brand, which in turn, keeps all your branding and marketing consistent.

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