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On Brand Marketing Material Designers

Whether your business lives primarily online or on the high street, great marketing is what will make you stand out from the crowd. Away from your online presence and fantastic website is the wonderful world of hard-copy marketing materials, and within that world are millions of winners and losers.

So, you may be thinking; what exactly do we mean by marketing materials? Honestly, there are lots of things that could fall into the category. The best way to work this out is quite simple, if you are having a piece of marketing produced that’s tangible, we would classify it as marketing material. On this page, we are focusing on what may be defined elsewhere as ‘hard-copy’ marketing.

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Promotional Items

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The Flow

We’ve tried to make it as easy as possible for our customers to understand the flow of the work we do for you.

From start to finish, we champion total transparency through the process of designing and producing marketing materials.



The first step will always be scoping out your project. This will allow us to work out how attainable it is and how we can help you succeed. This process will enable us to provide adequate time frames to complete certain stages of your marketing material project.



The research step allows us to fully understand your brand and learn your long term goals for the business. During this process, we also conduct market research within your sector to fully understand the competition and how they use their marketing materials.


Design and Develop

Once brand research is completed, and we have confirmed with you, it’s time to let the creativity flow! Our design team will get started with your project and send proposals over to you and your team to allow for collaboration along the way.



Once we’ve found a design you’re happy, it’s time to refine it. We want to make absolutely sure that your final marketing materials are exactly how you want them.


Print, Deliver and Grow

Now everything is signed off, it’s time to send you all the materials you need or let us get in touch with one of our partners to get the marketing materials printed. It’s important to remember, Create8 are always here to support you and help you grow.

I have used Create8 on a number of projects and they have always been a fantastically forward-thinking company. The staff are extremely friendly and know their sector brilliantly well. Would highly recommend.

Dale EdwardsRoyal Travel

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What are Marketing Materials


In general brochures are something that businesses have almost by default. When you start up a new company, having a brochure produced seems to be one of the most logical, ‘baby steps’ into marketing. They are particularly beneficial at events and trade shows and will often live on your front desk. In general, a brochure will contain enough information about who you are and what makes you stand out to tell the potential customer all they need to know. Brochures can be text-heavy as it is something that’s taken away and the info is usually digested over time.


Your packaging speaks volumes about your product before the consumer has made it to the product itself. Once again, your packaging should run in theme with all your other marketing materials. Packaging should be low on text apart from the necessary information and should focus on brilliant aesthetics and graphic design.

Leaflets and Flyers

Similar to brochures, both leaflets and flyers offer your potential customers the opportunity to take something away and read all about your business at a later date. However, leaflets and flyers are generally one sheet of A5 paper, either single or double-sided, sometimes folded. This means text should be kept succinct and graphics are more important. The look and feel of a flyer should represent your business, because of this we would not advise cheap printing. Keep it classy and keep it all about you.

Posters and Billboards

When it comes to hard-copy marketing, you can start at business cards and move all the way up to posters and billboards. Both larger-scale forms of marketing material offer you more opportunity to capture the attention of passers-by. However, when it comes to both posters and billboards, less is most definitely more! Keep them short but sweet in terms of information and make sure the graphic and look are absolutely perfect. Most of your passing traffic will be on the move, therefore, digesting information won’t be a priority; however, remembering your brand due to a brilliant aesthetic most certainly will.

The protein bakery artisan protein bar different flavours
Pete Luke and Alex going through a brand identity for Sass cafe

What Do We Do


When it comes to marketing materials, research is absolutely vital to getting it right. Researching into your company, why you exist, what makes you stand-out and how our help will benefit you in the long run. Market research is equally important as once we know your competition, we can plan how to make your marketing materials the best in your sector.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is one of our strongest traits. With vast industry experience and a dedicated team of designers, we will make sure your brand is perfectly represented by the marketing materials we produce. At Create8, we adore a challenge and pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. We want every one of our customers to love their marketing materials as much as we do.

Design Concepts

Much like graphic design when it comes to design concepts, this is where we thrive. We produce and present several design concept ideas for your marketing materials, giving you a variety to choose from. We like to think outside of the box when it comes to how your marketing materials work for you; therefore, innovation, as well as aesthetic, will be championed across all of our design work.


Sustainability is a relatively new word in the world of marketing materials; however, it’s one that all the team at Create8 have embedded in us. As an agency, we champion our ability to produce excellent marketing materials which are also sustainable and environmentally friendly. Down to the ink for print or the material your marketing is printed onto, we offer multiple concepts with collaborative thinking behind each.


As a business, we want to portray everything that’s great about each of our clients. We believe integrity is pivotal in everything we do. It’s important to maintain honesty across all your marketing materials regardless of how good exaggerating the truth may make you sound. We make sure that all the marketing materials we produce are informative and catch the customers attention from the first glance, the ‘fall in love’ moment is what we want for your business and something that will always be at the forefront of our graphic design process.

Brand identity of a property investment company bag
Sass cafe cups branding

Marketing Materials FAQ’s

If I’m in a market where I am much smaller than my competitors, how do my marketing materials stand out?

There is nothing to worry about when it comes to being a ‘small fish’ in your sector. Everyone starts somewhere, and growth has been pivotal for the ‘big fish’ to get where they are today. When it comes to making your marketing materials stand out, we can achieve this by collaborating and making sure we give your customers exactly what they want. In most sectors, aesthetics is essential when it comes to marketing materials, but this is something we will work out together in the research phase of the workflow.

Putting faith in a talented team of designers is something which will help your brand fight against the big boys for those vital sales.

Do I need all the marketing materials you suggested?

No! The marketing materials we have mentioned above are just a selection of what can actually be produced and achieved. What marketing materials you choose to deliver will be primarily down to your marketing strategy and the campaigns you have planned.

Can you print the marketing materials for us?

As a business, we don’t print the marketing materials we produce. However, we have developed excellent relationships with several local printers, and we are more than willing to support you through the printing process. If one of our brilliant pieces of marketing gets printed shoddily we can’t enjoy the final piece either!

Individual pieces of marketing material may require specialist prints, say for example a 3D printed figurine you are using as a giveaway product at trade shows. We will always point you in the direction of the right craftsman for every job as your success is incredibly valuable to us as is your recommendation to others.

Do all my marketing materials need to look the same?

If you invest your money in a campaign of marketing materials, we would suggest that they look the same. Brand identity can often be lost if you offer lots of different messages through different marketing materials. We don’t want those valuable potential customers to forget about your business because your name has been lost amongst the different designs and aesthetics.

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