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Nowadays, you only have to spend a couple of minutes in a marketing conversation before the term search engine optimisation pops up. You’ve probably heard it called SEO so let’s go with that. SEO for those who aren’t in the magical guild for marketers is responsible for when and where your business turns up on popular search engine searches. However, there’s much more to SEO than meets the eye, and at Create8, we know exactly what that is, let’s elaborate.

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What is SEO

Search Engine Optimisation

As we continue to see increased spending online once again, every business wants to fight for that vital piece of real estate. Appearing higher up in searches is that property. SEO is the optimisation of your online platforms to generate increased traffic. Should you and your business know more about SEO? Should you be hiring someone to take care of all of your content? The answer is a flurry of yes’s because when it comes to driving sales, the more traffic, the more opportunity you have to capture potential customers.

Why Should You Invest in SEO?

Well, this is one of the most straightforward questions to answer when it comes to SEO. 95% of potential customers or clients look no further than the first page when they run a Google search. Appearing any lower than page one is, in a brutally honest way, pointless. That 95% of people would more likely scroll back upwards and readjust their search terms than head into the depths of the search itself when looking for what they want.

The SEO Flow

An SEO project with Create8 is endlessly flexible. From the content we produce to rebuilding your website and even micromanaging your social media, there are tonnes of ways we can improve your SEO. Every SEO project we take on is bespoke to your business, starting with the strategy and finishing with the analysis. We are dedicated to every project; therefore, the content we produce will be entirely specific to you and your demographic. Below we have broken down the workflow for you.



The first step of any Create8 project is to fully prepare for the success we are looking to achieve. We like to make sure every step of the journey is properly planned and that we fully understand what you want to achieve as a business. Knowing the full scope of your SEO project will also help us to give you deadlines and to price your project correctly.



Before the creative magic begins, the research phase takes place. We need to know everything about you and your sector. What makes you stand out and how you have made it to where you are. We also research what your competitors are doing well and where they are missing the mark. Taking any opportunity you have to succeed.


Design and Develop

This phase is based on what it is you’re looking for. Does your website need a rebuild for SEO purposes? In that case, we will start designing something entirely bespoke and pretty mind-blowing. Are you looking for SEO rich content for your site? We will begin writing and putting together a run of blogs, posts, advice pieces etc. Ready for you to read.


Refine and Review

Once you’ve reviewed the strategy and content we have produced, it’s time to refine everything. We are a team of open-minded creatives, ready to tweak and manipulate each piece of content to suit your brand.


Deliver and Grow

Once your SEO project is signed off, we will send your deliverables to you. As the scope of an SEO project is vast, you may be looking for Create8 to upload and implement the SEO rich content throughout the project. Or you may simply wish to receive your content via transfer so you can do the rest.

I have used Create 8 on a number of projects and they have always been a fantastically forward-thinking company. The staff are extremely friendly and know their sector brilliantly well. Would highly recommend.

Dale Edwards

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How does SEO work?

When hiring an agency to help you maximise your SEO potential, there are a few essential factors you should take into account.

How do you appear higher?

Here is where it gets technical. Every site has a specific ranking attributed to it by Google. This ranking varies due to several key factors. Although the boffins at google are hesitant to give us marketers a full breakdown of what exactly it is that affects ranking, we do know a few of the critical factors.


No doubt by now you’ve probably heard the phrase ‘keywords’ more than you’d like. The truth is, they are more than important enough to be spoken about as much as they are. Keywords are the words and terms specific to your sector of work, it’s these terms that the potential customer is searching for. For example, if you search ‘Manchester Dominos’ the pages that feature those terms the most are likely to appear closer to the top of the organic search (not the paid-for adverts).


Another factor that contributes significantly towards your SEO is backlinks. Backlinks are website links that drive traffic to your site from somewhere else. Backlinks allow Google to build trust in your website as a reputable source of knowledge due to other websites referencing and linking to its content.


SEO is incredibly targeted, and therefore, it is much more effective than broader forms of marketing. Because of this, it’s pivotal to know your demographic, the information they want to read, and how they want to see it. It is a complete waste of time to blanket target with SEO, people of different ages and backgrounds talk differently, make sure your marketing agency knows who your website is targeting.

Web Design

Great SEO and web design go hand-in-hand, if you are attempting to drive traffic with SEO to a website that’s poorly designed, it is likely your traffic will leave after landing on your site. They will look for something which has easily digestible information and is easy to navigate, allowing any potential customers to find what they’re looking for.


Good SEO is time-consuming, and moving up the ladder takes time. It isn’t the sort of thing that happens overnight. As a business owner, you should be patient with your SEO expert, as the process is one that requires lots of minor tweaks and alterations before they get it just right. Find an agency who you can instantly trust as your SEO won’t be a quick fix. Someone you can liaise with regularly is pivotal.

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The Fight

To fight your way up the search rankings, there are two different locations that are incredibly valuable, these are on-site and off-site SEO.

On-site SEO

On-site SEO really is what it says on the tin. It’s all of those valuable keyword touch-points that are hosted with your site itself. The technologically tangible stuff, from your page content and titles to the names of the photos you upload to your website.

Off-site SEO

Off-site SEO is where you will really have to work to make the most of your skills. All of those valuable backlinks aren’t going to be hosted by other websites for nothing. For example, if you were to create a brilliant expertise based blog post, then other businesses who are providers of information could happily backlink to your site as extra information for their readers. Another way to utilise backlinking is using your social media feeds to backlink to your sites. Driving traffic from Instagram or Facebook is still valuable as it allows Google to build trust in your site.


Can SEO help in-store sales?

Well, here’s the thing with a strong SEO strategy, it will benefit you across the board. Not only does it drive virtual traffic to your website, but you will also build trust with potential clients, as appearing high in a Google search is also great for brand recognition. Suppose you have also enriched your website with SEO based keyword specific content. In that case, the likelihood is that you will have positioned yourself as an expert in your sector. This too, will build trust in your brand and drive potential customers to your business.

What is better, SEO or PPC?

So, here it goes, who is more important to England’s success, Gareth Southgate or Harry Kane? You could easily make a valid argument for both. The same is true of SEO and PPC. The truth is that both are integral parts to online success, your business won’t be able to establish itself as reputable and trustworthy without SEO, and it won’t be able to target incredibly granular demographics without PPC. If you can make both work for your business, you will be in an entirely win-win scenario.

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