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Your products deserve a great home, one with all the mod-cons. At Create8, we are eCommerce web design specialists. eCommerce websites make up a large portion of our workload. When twinned with one of our branding and marketing campaigns, they tick every box needed to make your business a success.

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What is eCommerce

eCommerce Websites

As online spending continues to peak as too, of course, does the need for an eCommerce website. eCommerce sites are optimised to sell products and goods. In comparison, a traditional website is suitable for displaying information but not for selling tangible goods. The term eCommerce is reasonably flexible as there are plenty of varying options for how you can set up your website. As long as it takes payments for your products, it’s eCommerce.

Why do you need an eCommerce website?

Not to sound like we’re stating the obvious, but if you are going to be selling your products online, your website will need to be transactional. Meaning you will need an eCommerce website. In 2019 over £105 billion was spent online in the UK, meaning that even the tiniest slither of that incredibly tasty pie could be very lucrative. If you aren’t selling online in 2020, you are not taking advantage of the opportunities out there.

The eCommerce Web Design Flow

The flexibility of an eCommerce web design project with Create8 is important. From deciding which platform to use to build your website, to how much functionality it will need. All these decisions need to be made with the future of your company in mind. If your business doubles in size in the next year we would want our eCommerce website design to be able to cater for that growth. A rebuild can be expensive and unnecessary if the job is planned perfectly the first time around.

Every job we take on is entirely bespoke, we want your business to achieve success because of the work and hours we put into your website. If every website looked the same, the battle for sales would be even more difficult than it already is. Below we have broken down the workflow so that all of our clients fully understand how the process works.



The first step of any Create8 website is to scope out the project in its entirety. What do you need, when do you need it, what does the next year look like for your company, how many products will you have? All these things need to be considered, alongside a collaborative conversation so that we can build a unique quotation for you.



Before the creative magic begins, we research into what websites work best for your sector, what your competitors are doing, and any niches they may be missing. Our digital planning and inspiration building processes take place at this point.



If it’s a custom website, we build up a simple black and white wireframe of your website, highlighting where the specific elements will be placed once we begin the build.



At this stage, we create designs for each individual page and collect your ideas, thoughts and feedback.


Web Build

We also begin to code the website on the CMS (content management system).



Testing the eCommerce website on all browsers and devices. This allows us to fix any bugs which may have appeared. The full finished design is then sent to you for further testing and feedback.


Training & Launch

At the final stage, we provide you with any training you may need if required. You will learn how to fully use and manage your eCommerce website. We then configure the hosting, enable the security and hit the launch button!

Used Create8 for a few website builds now. Everything from the initial brief to final website is spot on. Can't recommend them enough!

Jamie KordeckiBe Money Savvy

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eCommerce Functions

When building an eCommerce website, there’s a lot more involved than merely adding a transactional element to a template.

Customer portal

One of the critical functions of a great eCommerce website is that it offers a customer portal. This means that before shopping with you, customers sign up to become a member, they create an account and are rewarded for doing so. Businesses often choose to implement reward schemes within their customer portals as this incentivises increased spending and makes the returning customer feel valued.

A customer portal is also beneficial for the business as you can capture the information of your valued customers and re-market to them accordingly. Customers will also use their account to create wish lists which allows you to keep track of what products are sought after and which are less valued by each customer.

Product Customisation

If there’s one thing we love more than a great product, it’s a fantastic product with our name on it. Product customisation is an additional feature that can be worked into an eCommerce website. If fully functional customisation is done well, it can generate large numbers of increased sales. With brands such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton offering personalisation as an added extra, this is a trend that shows no sign of slowing down.

Delivery Options

Another functionality of an eCommerce website is the ability to offer a variance of delivery options. If there is one thing every good eCommerce site has to have, it’s a next-day delivery option. The amount of business that could be lost if you don’t have varied delivery options could be huge.

Trade Prices

Depending on the sector in which you operate, you may wish to add varied price points as an extra functionality of your website. An eCommerce site has the ability to vary the price points of products depending on whether your customer is a trade customer or a general consumer. Meaning there will be no phone calls needed to negotiate a trade-rate for individual businesses.

eCommerce FAQS

Do you redesign existing sites?

Yes! At Create8, we understand that sometimes you will need to give your existing website a facelift, and we are all for it. As a group of forward-thinking creatives, we love a challenge, and a website rebuild is no different! Missing out on potential sales is the difference between success and failure. Therefore we will do all we can to get you into that success bracket.

How long does it take to build a website?

Websites are so varied that putting a specific time frame on creation is virtually impossible. An eCommerce website with over 1000 products is going to take longer than a ten product website. We will be able to give you a much more accurate time frame once we have thoroughly explored and understood your business and its needs.

Do you offer help and support once you’ve finished the project?

An eCommerce website is dependent on its maintenance. If something that works in the background becomes outdated, it can hamper the productivity of the website itself. At Create8, we offer various packages relating to support and maintenance, so it depends on what package you choose. But one thing is for sure, we want to see that brilliant eCommerce site working at its full potential all year round.

Which eCommerce platform is best?

As an agency, we have provided our clients with websites built across several different eCommerce platforms. Due to our level of expertise, we find an honesty and open-minded approach is always best when assessing what will work for you. Factors such as audience, product and budget can all dictate which of the platforms will be the most productive. Or maybe a bespoke solution will provide you with the sales your products deserve.

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