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Creating Brand Identities to Remember

Challenging norms and breaking the mould is just what we do at Create8. When it comes to developing a brand identity package, the service we offer is unrivalled. With countless years of expertise, knowledge and technical insight mixed with a youthful vibrancy and energy, we offer something unique. Whats more, we love a challenge. Every project inspires us, and we can’t wait to help you with your brand identity today.

Brand Identity a key factors when considering how successful your business is going to be or has been in the past years. Your identity is what speaks to your customers and drives sales through your marketing funnel. Everything from the way your company conducts itself online to the way your branding looks and where it is seen, falls into the remit of your brand identity.

The Flow

With building a brand identity package and strategy, the ways that we can help your business are endless. As a creative agency, we love meeting up with new business people and building projects that will stand the test of time. It’s important to remember that your brand identity is your personality and maintaining the brand identity we build may not always be easy.

Each project we take on is be entirely bespoke to your company, from the strategy and demographic we target and the content produced. We have broken down the workflow so that each of our clients can fully understand the process:


Initial Meeting

The first step with any brand identity project is the initial meeting between the Create8 team and the potential client. To build a brand strategy and identity, we need to fully understand what the brand means to you and how we are able to champion that across all your branding.



Once all the parties involved have discussed the brand identity project. We put together a full proposal including the creative work that will be done and the cost for each area.


Creative Process

Once the proposal is agreed, the fun begins! The creative process is where we shine, as we bring all of our expertise to the table to build a brand identity that you will be proud of, and people will relate to. All of our work is fully bespoke and collaborative with your team. Collaboration is important to produce the best outcome for your project and to truly integrate your personality into your brand identity.


Refine and Review

After the creative process, we pass our work back over to you. You are then given the opportunity to review what we have produced and offer your ideas for refining the brand identity project. We want every piece of your strategy to be fully implemented, from the communication of your social platforms to the way your brand looks in a shop window.



Once the brand identity project is signed off, we will send all your deliverables over to you. Your logo, branding and/or website will be in your capable hands. Delivery methods vary from project to project, depending on the package you choose.


Further Management

If you selected a brand identity project that includes further management, then we will continue to manage and maintain wherever relevant.



Growing your business is paramount! As an agency, we are incredibly hands-on with the jobs we produce and your success is important to us.

Create8 have been fantastic ! They have developed my brand , working with me to create unique and eye catching packaging for our re launch . They’ve bought my ideas to life and really captured what I was trying to achieve , all really fast ! I was definitely be using them for future project

Laura JacksonRoyal Travel

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What is Brand Identity

Brand Audit

A Create8 brand audit can be conducted at any time. When we are building a business and addressing the initial brand identity during the formulation phase or at a later date if we are brought in to help, alter, edit or reposition your brand within its sector.

During an audit, we look at every aspect of your brand and map out what it is that shapes your brand identity. For example, the colours you use in your logo through to the business processing system of your website. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to working out how to help your brand succeed and how to create an incredible experience for your customers.

Brand Strategy and Positioning

Brand strategy and positioning are important factors of your identity. If you are unsure as to where your company sits within its sector, it is difficult to understand how you should be portraying yourself.

Having a brand strategy will substantially benefit your growth in the long run and is essential for businesses who operate in unstable sectors. The brand strategy we help you produce will highlight everything about your brand. From how the brand conducts itself to what colours will be used across all media outlets, including the website. A lot of work goes into building a brand strategy that works, including market research and exploring your demographic and its needs. We love a challenge, and creating a working brand strategy is something we love to work on.

Written Content Management

Every successful brand must have a voice that speaks to its customers and stands out from the crowd. Written content is a massive part of that voice. As an expert in your sector, giving your clients helpful information is something you should strive to do as a business. At Create8, we offer the creation of unique blog content to our clients, they then use this to maintain the tone of their brand. Excellent blog content also means better SEO rankings which of course leads to more people looking at your business, that’s a win-win if you ask us.

Digital Marketing

The world we live in revolves around the digital marketplace. Most of your potential customers are active on social media, and if you aren’t marketing across the platforms you’re missing out on valuable sales. We offer digital marketing packages across all social platforms as part of our services. There are several ways that digital marketing affects your brand identity, how your company is viewed by potential customers and who then identifies with your brand.

Graphic Management

As a fully immersive marketing and design agency, we provide several forms of content creation to strengthen your digital marketing. We specialise in graphic design and offer some of the most varied graphic design plans in the market. The graphic management of your company should always be aligned with your brand identity, having an agency who can produce sharable and aesthetically pleasing work is a must.

With everything from digital flyers to graphics and bespoke website, your business and Create8 can build something incredibly special.


The way you communicate with not only your current customers but also the general public, directly affects your brand identity. The way your brand is received and viewed can easily change based on the way you respond to social situations. As business owners often don’t have the time to fully control their social media outlets, we can help. Utilising our social media management means you can have the time to respond to customers and clients online, leave the posting to us whilst you get personal.

Product Launches

When a company launches a new product, it offers all of its potential customers the opportunity to attribute an experience to the product itself. Product launches are a brilliant chance for businesses to stand and portray their personality and brand identity to everyone present. With our teams varied skills, Create8 offers product launch support to all our clients. From the initial soft-launch and trial runs all the way through to execution and sales. With product launch management, businesses can prioritise putting their brand identity first and creating an experience that resonates with customers.

The protein bakery artisan protein bar different flavours
Brand identity of a property investment company bag
Pete Luke and Alex going through a brand identity for Sass cafe
Sass cafe cups branding

Brand Identity FAQ’s

Does my brand identity stop with my logo?

No, not at all. Your logo is, in many cases, the first piece of the brand identity puzzle; it is very rarely the thing that drives your sales or makes you a memorable company. Having a slick logo is important, but making sure all your pieces fit effortlessly together is key.

Will the content you create and work you complete be mass-produced?

We are incredibly proud of our innovative team of forward-thinking creatives. Everything we produce is entirely bespoke to your needs and the character of your business. When it comes to brand identity packages, your personality is absolutely paramount to the project.

Do you continue to work for us once our initial brand identity package is complete?

There are countless fragments of excellent design work, brilliant content and personality that go into a brand identity package. How long we work for you depends on the package you choose. Suppose you hire us to build a brand and logo that suits your personality and sector, once you have received the deliverables, this job is finished. However, if you select our content management and/or social media management packages, you’ll have our team around for the long run!

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