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Your company logo, your brand identity.

At Create8, logo design, branding, web design and digital marketing are what we do best. What we bring to the table aims to challenge the norms of branding and web design and redefine the conventional marketing process. We offer an experience that is unrivalled. Bringing together expertise, a youthful hunger and technical flair. No challenge is ever too big or too small for our fantastic team of creatives. You guessed it, we love a challenge.

With logo design, we have years of knowledge, mass sector awareness and tailor every project specifically for each client. Creating a bespoke product that will be relevant to your business. So for your logo design, look no further than Create8.

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What is Logo Design

A defining image

It seems pretty apparent what logo design means, but in reality, it’s much more than meets the eye. We all interact with logos every single day, and most of the time, we don’t even know it. If you were to try and count the logos you saw as you walk around the city centre, you’d give up or get distracted quite quickly (hopefully by a good logo).

Your logo design is, in essence, your business in its most simplistic and recognisable form. Getting it right from the start is essential. It has to say something about your brand in a fleeting moment that your potential customers will remember and respond to.

Logo design is typography, a graphic image or a combination of the two. Sounds simple. But getting the perfect logo is a lot more complicated than you could think.

The Pros of having an icon

A logo can be anything from a simple but effective piece of text to a more complex combination of typography and an icon. With logo design, there are countless positives to having an icon, here are some of our favourites:

  1. Icons are often more memorable as they are visually appealing.
  2. Icons offer the opportunity for your business to stand out from your competitors.
  3. Having an icon as part of your logo design offers much more flexibility when using your logo.
  4. An icon can be brilliantly worked into web design and used as prompts, buttons, etc. Across your site.

Colours for your brand, not just for you

When choosing a logo design for your business, it’s important that you consult your long term business strategy. Everything down to the colours of the logo itself needs to be carefully thought out. Taking into account, growth and brand development as well as what your potential customers like to buy and why they buy it. Whatever you do, don’t choose your logo for you, choose it for your customers and/or clients.

Bonnie and Clyde Logo Design
Attic Nightclub in Wigan logo design

The Logo Design Flow

When it comes to logo design, there are endless possibilities. Every logo design project we take on will be entirely bespoke to your company, strategy and demographic. We have broken down the workflow so that each of our clients can fully understand the process:



The initial step with any logo design project is to fully understand what you are looking for. This allows us to work out how achievable your goals are and how best to create something brilliant for your business.



Before the creative glitz and glam, comes the research. Suppose we don’t fully understand your brand and/or its place in your sector. We won’t be able to design a logo that captures everything about you and your business.


Design & Develop

The fun begins. We will work on multiple different designs for your business, to fully understand the creative scope of the project.



Once you have looked over your designs, it’s time to refine chosen style.


Deliver & Grow

The final logo is complete and you’ve signed it, it’s time to deliver the project to you. This is when we send over all the file types you need.

Van graphic for WFD
Morpheus Gin premium london dry gin

Fantastic service, Create 8 designed my logo and I can safely say it’s given my company a real identity. Professional, reliable, on time and most of all a great end product.

Wayne WilliamsInspire Sport Coaching

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What should a Logo Design be?

Brand V Logo

Every successful brand has a brilliant logo, but a brilliant logo doesn’t always mean a successful brand. When creating a logo design for your company, we take everything about you, your business and your story into account. All of these things amount to your brand. Your logo is a representation of everything your business is and does. We want to create a brand with you, not just a logo, and this is how all good branding and design companies should work. If you want a dog on your logo because you like dogs, it’s not keeping your brand and customer in mind. We want to know why the dog? What is its relevance? What’s the story behind it? Is it the norm in your sector? There are countless questions if we are going to create a brilliant logo, and that is what we strive to do.


Simple question. Do you want your business to have run its course in a year, two years, five years? It’s important to plan for the long haul if you want your business to be a success for as long as possible, having a timeless logo design is vital. At Create8 we have created work for a number of brands who have not only flourished but are lasting the test of time. Our team of experts will analyse every possibility and create several sleek and timeless designs for you to choose from.


People must remember your logo. In fact, there is nothing more important than being remembered. When it comes to logo design, we make sure that every piece of work we create is entirely bespoke to that business. Meaning that our team of creatives produce something that makes you altogether different from your competitors. Your potential customers will remember you.


Colours have innate meaning with people and often resonate in different ways depending on past experiences and knowledge. This factor is often overlooked when designing a logo. Your logo should catch the attention of your potential customers within the sector you operate. Selecting colours that are appropriate for your sector is vital. This can differ culturally from country to country, so you should be linking everything back to brand strategy, what you want to achieve and where you’ll achieve it.


As in every walk of business, versatility is vital. Your logo design is no different. From your business card to a motorway advert, your logo should as good at 10mm x 10mm as it does at 1m x 1m

Logo Design Frequently Asked Questions

What files will you send to me?

Once we have completed your logo design project, we will send across all the necessary files for you to move on with your business. .JPG, .EPS, .PDF, .PNG files will be provided in both digital and print formats.

What’s the difference between web and print files?

The main difference between the web and print files we provide each client are the colours involved. Within the graphic design sector, it is common to receive an RGB file for digital work and a CMYK file which is for the printed versions of your logo. RGB (red, green, blue) are the colours your screen is made up from, CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, key) are the colours your printer uses.

How many designers will be working on my logo?

With each project, various members of our team view the brief and can offer an opinion on the creative direction they believe suits the project itself. We believe that in making the most of our team’s various skills and styles, we can offer each client a truly well thought out piece of work.

Can you remake my existing logo?

Yes, of course. We offer all kinds of rebrand strategies, as well as the initial bespoke design process. Your project will largely depend on how much rebranding needs to be done, and the time scale for completion.

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