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Meet Manchester’s Tech-Savvy Fashion Brands

Manchester – the world’s first industrial city. A city that jostles with Birmingham for the title of the UK’s ‘second city’ and has a rich history rooted in textile and cotton manufacturing. Today, Manchester is also a hotspot for digital innovation and eCommerce. Given this unique blend of industrial heritage, tech-savviness, and the city’s young and vibrant vibe, it’s no surprise that many independent fashion brands proudly call Manchester home.

Walk the streets of central Manchester, and you’ll soon pick up on the city’s youthful, individual, and fashionable vibe. A burgeoning scene of independent clothing brands offers fashionistas an enviable range of choices. Whether browsing the high street or shopping online, you won’t have to look for long to find a Manchester-borne fashion brand that suits your fashion style.

Aside from having their fingers on the pulse regarding cutting-edge looks, each clothing brand mentioned in this article also excels at using eCommerce features and functionalities to provide an exceptional user experience and turn casual browsers into loyal customers.

Top 8 eCommerce websites for Manchester clothing brands

So, let’s discover some of Manchester’s current fashion favourites and explore how they’re optimising their eCommerce stores to improve website user experience and increase online clothing sales.

Joanie Clothing

Joanie clothing combines vintage-inspired, feel-good fashion with ethical and sustainable practices. It’s a Certified B Corporation, demonstrating that the brand prioritises social and environmental responsibility. Joanie Clothing operates exclusively online and prides itself on building a strong, inclusive brand and community.

Joanie Clothing’s top 5 eCommerce features or functionalities

  • Prominent TrustPilot rating
  • Intuitive navigation
  • ‘Add to wishlist’ feature
  • Discount promotions
  • Detailed product descriptions

Joanie Clothing demonstrates its values through its vibrant, quirky product range and diverse selection of models. Its online store excels in creating a trustworthy and user-friendly shopping experience. 

Prominently displayed at the top of the website is its impressive TrustPilot rating of 4.7/5, based on over 3,000 reviews. Product reviews and star ratings are also displayed on product pages for transparency and to help foster customer trust. Additional trust-building elements include the brand’s ‘free returns’ policy, which is also visible above the fold.

The site’s search function and clear navigation structure make it easy for users to find what they want. The ‘Add to wishlist’ features help to encourage engagement, and discount promotions incentivise shoppers to make a purchase.

Product pages offer detailed descriptions that are useful for the consumer and benefit SEO and online visibility. These pages also provide extensive information about the sustainability of each product, aligning with the brand’s ethical focus.

Rock on Ruby

Rock on Ruby’s mission is to celebrate individuality and offer custom pieces customers will treasure for years. The fashion brand sells high-quality, trend-led, limited-edition clothing and accessories that have been personalised by hand. It is also committed to ethical sourcing and manufacturing processes.

Rock on Ruby’s top 5 eCommerce features or functionalities

  • Customer reviews slider
  • Social proof tags
  • Product filters
  • Loyalty programme
  • Content marketing

Rock on Ruby came to Create8 for help migrating their product catalogue and building a new Shopify website. Their new website uses several social proof features to build trust and encourage browsers to make a purchase. The homepage features a customer reviews slider, lending credibility to the brand. Products are tagged as “Shoppers’ faves” or “What’s trending”, and celebrity and media endorsements are also showcased on the homepage. The store also offers a loyalty programme to add value and encourage repeat purchases.

To aid navigation, product pages offer filter and sort-by features. Customers can also click ‘More like this’ to view a ‘Similar products’ pop-up and find related items, aiming to increase conversion rates and average order value.

Rock on Ruby, a Create8 case studyRock on Ruby uses content marketing for website optimisation and to inspire and engage visitors. Blog content like product gift guides and seasonal articles are featured on the homepage, and the brand’s Instagram feed is integrated too.

Native Youth

Native Youth is a Manchester-based fashion brand selling Manchester-designed clothing with global influences. It offers on-trend, high-quality clothing made from premium fabrics at affordable prices. It also offers sustainable collections, including vegan products.

Native Youth’s top 5 eCommerce features or functionalities

  • Prominent student discount
  • Instagram feed integration
  • Interactive product imagery
  • Urgency and FOMO techniques
  • Product recommendations

Native Youth expertly employs eCommerce features and design elements that resonate with its youthful audience. A student discount is prominently displayed at the top of the sitewide header, directly appealing to budget-conscious students. Integrating an Instagram feed at the bottom of the homepage allows for multichannel selling; users can click a post to purchase the featured items.

The store’s interactive product imagery helps to enhance user engagement. Hovering over product photos reveals the item from different angles or styled with other pieces. The website uses urgency and fear of missing out (FOMO) techniques to encourage quick decision-making. These include displaying low stock alerts like ‘Only 1 piece in stock’ and featuring real-time countdowns indicating the time left to place an order for specific delivery dates.

Lastly, the ‘You may also like’ recommendations on the product pages serve a dual purpose – they enrich the UX while boosting the average order value through cross-selling.

The Dolls House

The Dolls House is a Manchester fashion brand that sells statement pieces featuring silk, sequins, and lace that stand out from your typical high-street clothing. This high-end brand offers a unique “made-to-order” concept and features exclusive products in its online store. The brand boasts a loyal celebrity following and has been featured in prestigious publications like Vogue and Elle.

The Dolls House’s top 5 eCommerce features or functionalities

  • High-quality product photography
  • ‘As seen on’ section
  • Sitewide discount code
  • Dynamic product imagery
  • Quick buy and wishlist features

The Dolls House website successfully incorporates many eCommerce features that help to enhance user experience and boost conversion rates. One of the first elements to catch the eye is the high-quality, on-brand product photography prominently displayed above the fold on the homepage. Users can easily scroll through images of the latest products, accompanied by a ‘shop now’ CTA that encourages immediate engagement. A discount code offering 25% off sitewide is pinned at the top of the website. This prominent placement produced immediate value for customers, creating the impression of a deal and increasing the likelihood of them completing a purchase.  

The homepage also features an ‘As seen on’ section showcasing the store’s clothing worn by celebrities and featured in popular media outlets. This helps to reinforce the brand’s desirability and influence on its target audience.

The website’s product pages are rich with user-friendly features. When you hover over the product imagery, the model’s pose changes, adding a dynamic touch to the shopping experience. A ‘quick buy’ option also reduces the number of steps needed to make a purchase. An ‘add to wishlist’ feature also helps to boost user engagement and potential future conversions.

Private White V.C.

Private White V.C. have been producing luxury, handcrafted garments from their 150-year-old factory on the banks of the River Irwell in Manchester since 1853. The brand has served a prestigious clientele, including royalty, world leaders, rock stars, and athletes.

Private White V.C.’s top 5 eCommerce features or functionalities

  • Prominent lifetime repair service
  • Customer reviews
  • Seasonal collection banner
  • High-quality product photography
  • Seamless browsing experience

Because Private White V.C. sells high-end, luxury clothing with high price points, it must first build credibility and establish trust amongst its audience before it can win conversions. It uses several eCommerce features to achieve this. It prominently advertises its lifetime repair service on the homepage, which helps to establish trust in the product’s quality and longevity. Additionally, the website has a reviews feature, allowing customers to leave and read product reviews, another step in building transparency and trust with potential buyers.

The website also features a large banner above the fold advertising the brand’s latest seasonal collection, complete with a ‘shop now’ call to action (CTA) button to encourage immediate clicks and engagement.

The high-quality product photography is set against a clean, white background. Users can hover their mouse over a product to see it worn by a model without clicking, offering a seamless browsing experience.


MNT CNDITION is a cult fashion brand committed to sustainability and community. They offer organic, ethically-made garments and a unique recycling scheme that allows customers to trade in old items for a discount on new purchases. The brand aims to impact the planet and its community positively.

MNT CNDITION’s top 5 eCommerce features or functionalities

  • Free shipping promotion
  • Engaging on-brand video
  • High-quality product imagery
  • Tailored recommendations
  • Prominent core values

MNT CNDITION is a young, urban brand with an ethical focus. Its online store provides an engaging and dynamic user experience and promotes its commitment to sustainable practices.

The brand’s core values are prominently displayed, with clickable tabs that lead to detailed pages on the brand’s ethics, mission, and innovative recycling scheme. Free shipping is prominently advertised at the top of the sitewide header to encourage purchases. The homepage features an engaging, on-brand video that showcases products on models, offering a dynamic visual experience. 

The product pages enhance customer experience with tailored recommendations to boost conversion rates and increase average order values. Product photography is high quality, and clothing is pictured on models and off, with a hover-over option that allows browsers to switch views easily. Navigation is clear and well-categorised to improve the overall browsing experience.

Lavish Alice

Lavish Alice is a fashion brand specialising in statement pieces for special occasions. Drawing inspiration from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, the brand offers refined, detail-oriented designs. Lavish Alice focuses on longevity, inclusivity, and body-positive fashion using couture techniques and luxurious fabrics.

Neon sign that says 'Wonderland'Lavish Alice’s top 5 eCommerce features or functionalities

  • Customer reviews
  • Integrated Instagram feed
  • Intuitive navigation
  • High-quality product photography
  • Quick view feature

Lavish Alice is a premium brand that uses trust indicators and social proofing to gain credibility and its audience’s trust. Customer reviews are featured on the homepage to showcase the store’s ‘Excellent’ TrustPilot rating, helping to build trust and encourage new customers to make a purchase. In addition, an integrated Instagram feed features influencers wearing the brand’s products, providing social proof that further boosts credibility.

Navigating through the site is simple, thanks to excellent categorisation options. Customers can shop by various filters, including product type, event, style, size, length, fabric, or even colour, making finding what they’re looking for easier.

Product photography is elegantly executed with the option to zoom in closer to look at intricate details. Dynamic product videos also help to bring products to life. A ‘Quick view’ option streamlines the shopping experience, allowing customers to add products to their cart without leaving the page they’re on. Those who need more information can click through to see a more detailed product description.

Beaumont Organic

Beaumont Organic is an ethical women’s fashion brand that focuses on creating ‘Contemporary Conscious Clothing’ using luxury and eco-friendly fabrics. Guided by a strong ethos of integrity and respect, they aim to be pioneers in sustainable fashion.

Beaumont Organic’s top 5 eCommerce features or functionalities

  • Option to choose currency
  • On-brand aesthetic photography
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Detailed product pages
  • Personalised recommendations

To enhance the user experience for a global customer base, the Beaumont Organic website offers the option to change currency, accommodating shoppers from different countries. This feature simplifies the buying process, making it more inclusive and convenient.

The brand presents its products through high-quality, aesthetically pleasing imagery aligning perfectly with its organic, earthy, natural fabrics and ethos. The atmospheric, staged photos showcase the products and encapsulate the brand’s values and lifestyle, drawing customers into the Beaumont Organic world.

Navigating through the website is an intuitive experience, thanks to the well-organised and uncluttered navigation. Shoppers can browse by season, product type, fabric type, or sale items, making it easy to find exactly what they want.

On individual product pages, multiple high-resolution images of the product are from various angles, with an option to zoom for a closer look. Additionally, the ‘you may also like’ recommendations help to enhance user experience and increase average order value and conversion rates.

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