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How we Host and Maintain your Website

When it comes to your website, there is no job more important. As the annual sales figures globally continue to be dominated by online shopping, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that the secret to a successful business is a great website.

To truly stand out from the crowd, you need to combine brilliant web design with a reliable host that’s secure at all times. You also need to invest in the maintenance of your site, because those sites that become stagnant and dated can put a bad taste in your mouth.

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Highly recommend Create8! We worked with them for our website and Alex did an incredible job. He was always one phone call or one email away and responded back very promptly! The service is great, got the chance to go down and sit with their design time to get some ideas across for the website. Brilliant team and will definitely keep working with them!

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What Do We Do?

Website Hosting

Selecting the right hosting facility for your website is one of our strengths. We take care of all the necessary steps for you so you can solely focus on driving your business forward. From the hosting plan to the terms, cutting out all the difficult decision making and using our expertise to bolster your business.


A brilliant website is obsolete if it isn’t secure. That message must sink in as we stress the importance of web security. Every website should have an emergency procedure prepared, just in case. Knowing a website is secure encourages a potential customer to spend, leading to more sales.


Website maintenance is so frequently overlooked that it can be the downfall of most businesses online presence. At Create8 we actively promote website maintenance. We hate to see a great website run down from lack of general updates and fixes.

Why is hosting important?

Web hosting is essential when it comes to the performance of your website. Slow load speeds can lead to a loss of potential clients and of course those much-needed sales.

For us, we hate to see a brilliantly designed website fail due to the hosting. We want success for all our clients, as we measure our success by what you achieve. We got you, don’t worry about it!

Why is security important?

When it comes to being a successful business there are several ways you can accumulate wealth. Firstly through the obvious monetary method, which means a customer buying your goods or services. Secondly, you can accumulate contact information. Having a great mailing list can be far more valuable than you think.

However, if your website isn’t correctly secured, the information of your customers could be stolen. Which is not something you want to happen to your customers or your reputation.

Why is maintenance important?

Well, it’s simple. If you think of a car, they don’t run forever without eventually needing spare parts and fixing problems. A website works the same way, whether it’s something small like the adding or subtracting of information which may now be incorrect.

Or something of much larger scale like a software update or the fixing of any bugs that may have occurred.

The Web Design Flow

We’ve made sure to make our design process as easy as possible for our clients to understand. But we know everyone has different demands and needs, so we remain flexible throughout. To begin the web design process, have a chat with our Manchester-based team today.



The first step of any Create8 website is to scope out the project in its entirety. What do you need, when do you need it, what does the next year look like for your company, how many products will you have? All these things need to be considered, alongside a collaborative conversation so that we can build a unique quotation for you.



Before the creative magic begins, we research into what websites work best for your sector, what your competitors are doing, and any niches they may be missing. Our digital planning and inspiration building processes take place at this point.



If it’s a custom website, we’ll build up a simple black and white wireframe of your layout. Highlighting where specific elements will be placed once we begin the build.



At this stage, we create designs for each page and collect your ideas, thoughts and feedback.



We get started coding the website on the CMS (content management system).



Get testing the website on all browsers and devices! This allows us to fix any bugs that may have appeared or make general changes. The full finished design is then sent to you for further testing and feedback.


Training & Launch

At the final stage, we provide you with any training you may need. If included in your package, you will learn how to fully use and manage your website. We then configure the hosting, enable the security and hit the launch button!

Hosting, Security & Maintenance

Frequently Asked Questions!

Is hacking really that common? I’ve never been hacked, so my security must be good enough.

The truth is that in most cases of cyber-attack there are very few preventative steps which could have been taken. However, as is the severity of cybercrime it’s better to be extra safe than sorry. It’s estimated that around 55-60% of all web traffic is from an automated source. Whether that is a hacker, skimmer, scraper or a bot. So, they are out there and just because you haven’t been hacked yet doesn’t mean it won’t happen. As a business, you should never cut corners when it comes to the protection of your customers and, we advise letting an expert check that you have adequate protection.

Will my website stand out from the crowd?

When it comes to web design, we are confident that your website will be better than your competitors. With years of design experience and a forward-thinking and innovative team, we like to challenge sector norms and create brilliant solutions for your business.

We offer several varying web design packages so we can create something perfect for you no matter what sector your business operates in. From fabulous e-commerce shopping experiences to entirely bespoke website design, we have something for everyone. At Create8, we understand the power of a great website and we value the hosting, security and maintenance of every website we produce.

I have maintained my websites in the past, do I really need you to do it?

Well, it’s up to you. Our question would be, did your previous website perform as you wanted it to? If so, then stick with it and know that we will be around to help should you need us. When choosing a website design and maintenance package with us, it means you have our skillset at hand should anything go drastically wrong. For example, if your website crashes on Black Friday, you are going to want to get it back up and running right?

Maintenance is also a great feature we offer if you are taking a content package from us including bespoke blog content, we can easily upload blog posts on your behalf as part of your website maintenance package.

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