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Automate your workflow with backend solutions

Off-the-shelf solutions like WordPress and Shopify can get you far (and we offer these services too!) but they’re not always the best-fit solution for your unique needs.

Our custom backend development offering is a PHP/Laravel solution tailored to meet your specific requirements. Going bespoke is sometimes the only way to ensure that all of the features and third-party integrations you need are woven into your system and can function at their best.

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What’s Included in Backend Development

Workflow Automation
Custom CMS (Content Management System)
Third-Party Integrations
Data Querying and Analytics
Payment Gateway Integrations

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
Data Migrations
CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Integrations

Ongoing Maintenance Plans
CDN (Content Delivery Network) Caching
Error Tracing and Performance Monitoring
SSO (Single Sign-On)

Why Choose Us

Understanding Requirements

Knowing your requirements is the foundation of the backend development process. We take the time to analyse and understand your business and domain requirements so that we can create a plan for developing your bespoke database structure and a website flow that’s tailored to your specific needs.

We ensure that the backend and database we create for you is optimised not just for performance and efficiency in the short term, but also for future scalability and increased scope further down the line.

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Integrate into any system

Custom API Integrations

It’s easier for us to work with custom APIs if we’re using a system that’s built with them in mind, rather than trying to tack them on to a pre-built solution.

These APIs may exist in a vacuum, but we can also make them work with each other; for instance, it would be possible to take a payment from a user via Stripe and give them access to content you’ve synced down from your podcast platform – after a successful payment confirmation!

We are also able to offer third-party login integration via the likes of Google, Facebook, and Twitter. This integration significantly reduces the barrier to entry for potential user registrations on your website, as users can easily create and log in to an account without having to manually type in their email address or think of a password.

Not only does this streamline the registration and login process, it also enhances the overall experience and security for your visitors – it reduces the possibility of them using weak passwords (or worse, re-using passwords) to create an account on your site.

APIs We’ve Worked With

Our team has worked with APIs from popular services such as the below. We have the knowledge necessary to integrate these seamlessly into your new build, keeping your website consistent and your visitors pleased.

What our clients say about us

“If you’re looking for passionate, hardworking indindividules to help build your brand or website, then Create8 is the right place for you.”

Zak RashidNo-Boxx

“Consistent, reliable and proven results! Such an incredible, talented team. We couldn’t of asked for a better website.”

Paige & BeckyBexy Glow

“My experience with Create8 was fantastic. From their attention to detail to taking the time to run through any questions and concerns that I had.”

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Backend Development Frequently Asked Questions

What is custom backend development?

Custom backend development is the process of creating a tailored solution to meet an individual’s or business’s unique needs when an off-the-shelf generic solution cannot.

What is an API and what is an integration?

An API is offered by a third-party service provider and is a means for your custom build to interact with it. API integrations are the difference between having to log in to your payment processor and manage customers manually versus having your website handle all of it for you automatically.

How would a custom build benefit me or my business?

Off-the-shelf solutions are good enough when casting your net out to see if your idea will land, but you may eventually discover that a CMS introduces roadblocks or forces you to find workarounds to make your website continue forwards. A custom build avoids this entirely as it will be tailored to these needs from the very beginning and can be easily extended in future, as your requirements change or evolve.

What does SEO friendly mean for a custom build?

A website that is SEO (search engine optimisation) friendly is easy for search engines to discover and index – indexing occurs when search engines crawl your site to discover what content you’re offering. SEO friendliness increases your visibility in SERPs (search engine result pages) and thus increases the chances of people finding your website.

What is a CMS and why would I need one?

A CMS (content management system) is a system to help you manage the content on your website. Our CMS is fully SEO-ready and gives you the tools you need to keep your content fresh and relevant. It’s also the means by which you manage your system as a whole. We can also provide our own integrations to allow you to manage your content.

How would ongoing support benefit my build?

As the web ecosystem evolves, your website will require updates to keep it going. A third-party integration may push an update which changes an API that you’re using which could require changes to your build, or a package could receive a security update to fix specific issues. Keeping on top of these changes with our ongoing support package will keep your website running and reduce visitor friction.

What types of APIs can be integrated into custom builds?

In short: any API can be integrated into a custom build. We have experience with payment processors, email marketing, social media posting, document signing, podcast syncing, streaming platform tools, messaging platforms and more.

How would a third-party login system integration benefit me and why would I want to outsource this?

Third-party login benefits both you and your visitors. There is no longer a need to worry about them using weak or re-used passwords on your website, increasing the odds of them being breached and unwanted people using their accounts on your site. It also greatly reduces barriers to registration/login because rather than having to provide an email address, think of a new password and then validate their email address, a visitor can simply hit “Log in with Google” and use their existing Google account to immediately register/log in to yours.

How would I get started with a custom build?

To get started with a custom build, reach out to Create8. Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements, needs and current pain points.



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