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Custom Website Designs built for SEO

A unique vision deserves the presentation to match. While template websites are cheaper and demand a lower learning curve, they’ll set your business back. Why? Because they’re limited in scale, searchability, security and the evolving resonance of your brand. When one size fits all, plenty of your potential is squeezed out – and fewer customers will stay on that path to conversion.

So tear up the templates. Choose our custom website development instead.

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Why Choose Us

Creativity and usability in balance

For us, bespoke web design really does mean taking things further – with frictionless functionality – for how your business looks, feels and helps users engage. Let’s crack into those qualities together . . .

  • In-depth involvement from our branding team
  • A fully-optimised user journey
  • Every piece built for SEO
  • Endless adaptability from the start
  • Scalable frameworks that grow with your business
  • Rapid prototyping, testing and launch
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What can we add to bespoke website design?


As the custom built website is created directly for your company, we make sure it functions for this. The design and build will work in harmony and make sure to achieve the best goals for your website, whether it be lead generation, sales or brand awareness. 


We can use animation to further enhance a bespoke website. There are many options for animations, including but not limited to: Parallax scrolling, content animation, custom animated graphics, loading animations, hover animations. We can review these before. we start the project and let you know what would be the best for you.

Seamless video

Whether you’re after a testimonial gallery, product demos, slick drone footage or dynamic background shots, we’ll add hi-res video capabilities into your custom website development. This content can make or break a brand. We’ll give it the space, positioning and player features to capture countless pairs of eyes.

Ecommerce store

Show off your range of products with clear images, descriptions and drop-down menus, giving customers the perfect tease before they buy. Clever ecommerce design ensures people find what they’re looking for, and potentially spend more on similar items. From first click to cart and checkout, the journey just makes sense.

Responsive design

Plenty of people use devices in their hand to research or buy. So, when they find your site, it must look just as good on mobile – with menus, buttons and formatting that stands out a mile, on any screen. Let’s optimise our creation for phones and tablets too. You’ll get more clicks and conversions.


This isn’t just about the defences we’ll code into the site – you must have ongoing reviews, assessments and emergency procedures in case new threats raise their heads. The stronger your web security is, the easier you’ll safeguard the brand’s reputation. Ask us to keep checking the locks on your digital home.

I was starting my own supplement brand and chose Create8 because of the exceptionally high standards of their previous work. Having spoke with them I felt at ease from the very beginning. The team are patient, understanding and are completely on point when it comes to ideas, feedback and collaborative working. Everything we have produced has exceeded expectations and the whole team have been extremely flexible and accommodating and I cannot thank them enough. If you're looking for incredibly high standards at very reasonable prices, I can not recommend Create8 enough.

Michael Bartley, Genius Coffee

Why Settle for Poor Load Times

Websites Built for Speed

Our experienced custom website developers build websites from the ground up. This means page loading times will be super quick, leading to higher performance on Google and a decrease in visitors leaving your new website. Make sure you don’t drop Google rankings because your website is slow.

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Extra support we’ll mix in


Even the very best bespoke Woocommerce, custom WordPress designs and so on need sweeping for bugs now and then. Maintenance is an essential part of a healthy web routine. We’ll update software, perform any small fixes, and update site content when your business requires it.


Why have a site worth a chef’s kiss if it can’t handle the heat? We provide assured, scalable hosting that rids the risk of crashes, freezing and downtime. As interest grows – and more people discover you – we’ll bump up that hosting power, so you can always rely on high load speeds.


Custom website design is a much better way to leap up the search rankings. From page to page, line to line, we refine content with the latest SEO tactics, attracting more organic leads. This is a fine art but that’s exactly how we like it: templates don’t allow for such precise calibrations.

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Alex and Sam doing wireframes

Custom Website Design Process

It starts with a few major discoveries, and ends in a foolproof launch. Create8 brings several experts in flow when taking your site from blueprint to cyberspace. Throughout, we share the results of what we uncover, so form and function complement each other.

1. Website discovery session

Our teams sit down together. We give your brand the therapy treatment. Then we sketch a site map, audit your SEO, and determine the content you’ll need across the whole site.

2. Wireframe & design

At stage 2, we delve into user behaviour – their preferences, desires and pain points. Simple page layouts take shape. We establish UI while crafting visuals for web, mobile and content-driven applications.

3. Code & develop

Here’s where stuff gets technical . . . We’ll manage a complete custom website development from our wireframes, with every corner honed to a T. Thanks to continuous reviews, we’ll keep refining it.

4. Test & launch

We run the site on all modern browsers, checking for bugs, snags and any final user concerns. You’ll see the sign-off personally in black and white. As we launch, we offer training for ongoing management.

Custom Web Design Frequently Asked Questions

How quick will my custom website be?

As we hand-code the site ourselves, this also means you can expect much quicker load speeds than a template-based site.

Can I edit the website myself?

Of course, we can include the option for you to edit text, images and content on the page.

Why can't I just use a theme?

You can, however there are always limitations to themes. These can include: speed, functionality, ease of updating and outdated code. So it’s always better to build your websites custom where you can.

Will my website stay updated?

If you choose one of our maintenance plans with your website, we’ll update your website once a month.

How much are custom WordPress websites?

They are certainly more expensive than theme build, as we have to hand code them. You can receive a free proposal to get an accurate estimate for your project.

What limitations are there to a bespoke web design?

There are almost no limitations to building a custom website, as long as it keeps to SEO and coding best practises.



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