Edge Tech

A forward-thinking recruitment company that sources talent and connects businesses in emerging technologies such as RPA, ML, IA and AI with candidates in the UK, USA and Europe.


Edge Tech needed a new brand identity that would propel them into the modern age and help them stand out within the intelligent automation recruitment sector. It was especially important that the rebrand was suitable for the UK, US and European markets.

After some hefty market research, we got to work building Edge Tech a clean and bold visual identity to match their modern approach to end-to-end recruitment. Once the brand was solidified, we built them a fully functional WordPress website with an impressive visual design that was in keeping with their new brand guidelines.


The rebrand needed to appeal to the right people in the right ways so that Edge Tech could truly stand out within its sector.

  • In order to attract appropriate businesses and the best candidates, we chose bright blue as Edge Tech’s primary brand colour. Blue is a popular choice for cutting-edge technology brands due to its associations with intelligence and trustworthiness.
  • To keep things clean, we selected a contemporary sans serif typeface with high readability and an approachable feel. Sans serif typefaces are characteristic of the disruptive brands that have been redefining the tech sector in recent years.
  • The logo design was inspired by speech bubbles, which are positioned to form the letters ‘E’ and ‘T’. The logo not only celebrates Edge Tech’s first-class communication strategy, it also incorporates the company’s initials to help boost brand awareness.
  • The curved and squared corners within the logo were later extended to the visual design of the website to further establish Edge Tech’s new identity.

We devised a functionality and UX strategy for Edge Tech’s new website to streamline the user journey.

It needed to be easy and intuitive for businesses and candidates to browse Edge Tech’s website – every interaction had to provide a logical ‘next step’ in the user journey. To achieve this, we completed the following actions:

  • Created a low-fidelity wireframe using Adobe XD to map out the new website structure and test the user flow.
  • Prioritised responsive web design to ensure web pages would function completely and correctly whether being viewed from a desktop, mobile or tablet device.
  • Prototyped the website’s interactive elements (including menus, UI animations and tabbed content) to test their functionality before build.

Stand out branding, optimised functionality and a first-class WordPress website.

Our graphics team got to work on developing the visual design for Edge Tech’s new website. It was important for the site to make its mark on the intelligent automation recruitment sector and for it to be cohesive with Edge Tech’s new brand guidelines. We used their brand colour and font to create approachable visuals with a nod to the tech sector and made sure to execute the design consistently across the entire site.

The icons were inspired by Edge Tech’s new logo and we added rounded buttons throughout the site to support the user journey. The layout and visuals were in part inspired by SaaS web design – clean, contemporary, bold and, most importantly, familiar to those in the sector.

Once the visual design was signed off, we built Edge Tech a completely bespoke WordPress website with a custom responsive menu. We also created a unique system for adding applicants and managing businesses and built a Knowledge Hub packed with the latest news and insights from industry experts.

After launch, we provided Edge Tech employees with specialist training, walking them step by step through the WordPress process and ensuring they could update the website themselves in the future.

Edge tech mobile design

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