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Managing your feeds

Everything we do at Create8 focuses on challenging the norm and redefining the conventional. With social media management, our service is no different. Our team provides experience and expertise, technical insight and endless energy. We are here to ensure your social media feeds are spot on and constantly updating.

When it comes to providing specialist social media management, tonnes of knowledge and a bespoke experience directly relevant to each client, look no further than Create8.

Start a Project

When you hear ‘Social Media Management’, we are talking about organising and updating your social media platforms to encourage organic reach that leads to brand recognition and more potential customers.

With your input, we take over your social media posts for you, designing visuals, writing text and scheduling them in to ensure your feeds are actively up-to-date for your customers.

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The Social Media Management Flow

With social media management, there are endless possibilities and countless ways we can help your business. Every social project we take on is entirely bespoke to your company, from the strategy to the content produced. We have broken down the workflow so that each of our clients can fully understand the process.



The initial step with any social media project is to fully understand your aims and to map out the work that will be involved. This could include helping you organise photography or videography to help create unique content just for your products.



Before the creative glitz and glam, comes the research. If we don’t fully understand your brand and its place in your sector, we won’t be able to achieve the best results from your social media management plan.


Design & Develop

Once we’ve researched and fully understand what you want to achieve, the fun begins. We will start designing your content and discuss the text you would like to use for each visual and for each platform. All our creative designs are open to collaboration with your team to ensure we are creating brilliant content for your specific audience.



You have looked over the strategy, and we have the coming weeks mapped out, it’s time to refine the content and the approach. You will make sure you are happy with the posts that will be going out, this means finalising and confirming the text and imagery we have created for you.


Deliver & Grow

Once you have signed off on your social media management plan, it’s time to deliver the project! Leave the rest to us as we schedule in all your posts and get them out to your audience over the month.

What is Social Media Management?

Content Creation

Content creation goes hand-in-hand with the social media management we offer at Create8. Building inventive content for your social media feeds that drive interaction and lead people to your social media pages. This can vary from videos your potential customers watch, quizzes they can interact with, blog posts to read and plenty more.

Active Feeds

Keeping your pages active and helpful can lead to more brand recognition and traffic. When a company feels it doesn’t have the necessary time to find and create content; we do all the hard work for you! Our social media management is made even more beneficial by the experts we have on our team.

Organic Marketing

Social media management is one of the most common methods of social strategy we offer as an agency. By utilising organic marketing, we offer various types of engaging content to keep your platforms on the feeds of users.

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Social Media Management

Are you able to create content specific for all social platforms?

Yes! Each social platform can be for a specific audience depending on your product or service. With text restrictions on certain platforms, we would recommend tweaking the text for each platform you use. If you want even more versatility, speak to us about a custom package to create different visuals for every social platform you use. We will create whatever you are looking for from graphics to TikTok videos. However, our dancing really isn’t that good.

Will the content you create be mass-produced?

Each piece of content we create for you will be solely for you. It will be specifically designed to interest and captivate your audience.

Who will respond to comments and messages?

If you choose the right social media management package, we can take over responding to your comments and messages. However, we would need to make sure we have a meeting to discuss how messages and comments should be dealt with. This includes your tone of voice as a business as well as which types of message should be forwarded on to your team (eg sales or quote requests).

Maybe Something More

Create8’s social media management focuses on organic growth and maintaining your social platforms whilst you get on with other tasks. However, if you are looking for paid growth and extra ways to increase your social reach, our Digital Marketing options could be what you need.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the most common phrases across social media these days. Simply put, it’s driving sales of your product with the endorsement of someone with a large and well-engaged social following. Influencer endorsed products are much easier to find across social media since the introduction of the #ad hashtag to the end of promotional posts. Brands use influencer marketing to reach niche audiences that they wouldn’t previously have been able to.


Blog posts are a great way to share knowledge and perfect to post on your social platforms, to reach your potential customers and get them onto your website. We are able to offer entirely bespoke blog content written solely for your company and to target the audience you want to engage with. We have over one-hundred examples of blog content hosted on ‘Our Voice’ page.

Our Voice

Paid Social

With the ability to tweak your demographics in direct relation to your paid end goal, you can use paid social to tick all the necessary boxes. Digital marketing at Create8 can offer an insightful look at how paid social spend could be distributed whilst supporting you to target the correct audience.