Bonnie & Clyde

Brand Identity

Bonnie & Clyde

Brand Identity


We were approached by the team behind Bonnie & Clyde to come up with an identity which represents the American Criminals during the Great Depression. This was to become a bar and restaurant based in Liverpool.


Our proposal was to make a clean brand with elements of the Bonnie & Clyde theme into the brand identity itself such as ‘Guns, Beer Barrels, V8 Ford Cars and more’. We researched heavily into the Great Depression to advise on any additional marketing ideas to represent Bonnie & Clyde.


Our branding team designed a vintage looking brand identity that resembles the Bonnie & Clyde theme, utilising the faces of Bonnie and Clyde into the logo design. Along with the Menus / Advertising Material and signage, this all matched the same style throughout along with bringing them small elements into play.

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