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By now you’ve probably heard the term ‘Graphic Design’ a couple hundred times. Or a couple thousand depending on how hands-on you are with your business. However, such is the flexibility of the term that we often find confusion when working with companies in various sectors.

Being a Manchester-based design agency of course has its perks. Life in a big city is always fast-paced, as too are the businesses we help grow and develop. So, let’s look at the various jobs that fall under the remit of graphic design. So that we can help you understand what it is exactly that your business needs.

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What is Graphic Design?

In its most simple form, Graphic Design is the process when a designer creates visual content to communicate a message. The artwork done by a graphic designer can vary drastically. Both the designer you choose and the end product will vary the results of a design. When it comes to graphic design, the possibilities are endless.

What message does Graphic Design communicate and to who?

Here’s the funny thing. As with art in its classic, easel and canvas format of yesteryear, graphic design can say anything you want it to. It can communicate with anyone the message being presented. For example, if your business sells luxury baby products, your message will be persuasive and aimed at parents. Whereas, if you’re a sweet and confectionery company you may use your graphics to be more light-hearted and aimed at children.

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What does Graphic Design cover?

If you’ve just hired a graphic designer, you must know what they are capable of doing. Graphic design covers many facets of business so you need to know what jobs you need and stylistically if the designer is right for you. Due to the diversity in skill sets and styles, the work a graphic designer produces can vary. We would advise looking at a portfolio of your designer’s past work or hire an agency with multiple creators under one roof. At Create8 we allow all our specialists to offer collaborative feedback when it comes to the graphic design involved in each project. Meaning each customer values from multiple sets of skills, opinions and lots of extra knowledge.

Brand Identity

Your brand identity is what makes you stand out from the crowd and makes your customers believe in you. As a design agency, it’s pivotal we understand what your company stands for and why you exist. This allows us to ensure we build an unforgettable brand for your business.

The graphic design work involved in building your brand can vary from the colour schemes you use to the way your logo looks on an email. People believe in strong brands; unforgettable graphic design helps strengthen your position.

Logo Design

Logo design is possibly the most popular form of graphic design work. Clients will often use the two interchangeably. But graphic designers do much more than simply throw together logos. When designing a brilliant logo, there are countless things to take into account.

Your logo can’t just look great on the internet, it needs to be equally striking across all formats. For example, if you go with an embossed style logo, graphic design is essential for ensuring that the logo is suitable for all mediums. If you have to change your logo slightly for print and online use, it isn’t a top-notch piece of graphic design.

Packaging Design

So, we’ve helped you develop the perfect logo, built a brand that is recognisable online and in-store, the graphic design work doesn’t stop there! One of the most important uses for graphic design is on your packaging.

Most brilliant products are hidden away in boxes for safety or storage. It is crucial that your packaging is as eye-catching as the product itself. The truth is, this is where most of your customer communication is done, and it’s the graphic design that allows you to do this. Whether it’s with embellishments, colour schemes or bespoke elements, you need to make your packaging force itself into the eye-line of the potential customer.

When it comes to packaging design, designers can manipulate the shape and effectiveness of your packaging through graphic design. Whether you are an ethical brand focusing on recyclability or a brand who needs their packaging to stop their product from spoiling. We have the ideas and know-how to make your packaging work for you.

Marketing Materials

In the increasingly digital world in which we live, marketing material can often be overlooked. Think about selling at a trade show, think about everything you’ll need for a long weekend of driving home that hard-sell. Firstly, your stand, if it’s been designed by a graphic designer it’s far more likely to stand out from those that weren’t.

The flyer you are handing out, another piece of graphic design you will need. The free pens and goodie bags emblazoned with your logo. Yes, you guessed it, more graphic design. The truth is, marketing materials are still absolutely pivotal to every business. Potential customers love getting something for nothing, and if that something is memorable, you’re far more likely to convert the customer in the long run.

Create8 have been fantastic! They have developed my brand, working with me to create unique and eye catching packaging for our re launch. They’ve bought my ideas to life and really captured what I was trying to achieve.

LauraProtein Bakery

The Graphic Design Workflow

The workflow of our graphic design process varies drastically depending on what it is you and your business needs. Working on a complete relaunch of a brand from brand identity to marketing materials is more time consuming than logo design alone.

However, at Create8 we like to make all of our processes as transparent as possible. By highlighting how we work with our clients, we allow the process to remain flexible as we know everyone has different demands and needs.



The first step is scoping out your project to see if it’s achievable, we can then provide you with a project estimate and timeframes.



It’s important our designers understand your industry and competitors; this allows us to find out what has and hasn’t been done before, and how to make your graphic design bigger and better!


Design & Develop

Research is done, it’s time to get creative! Our design team will start developing your graphic design project. We will then present our ideas and concepts.



Once you’ve looked over your graphic design project, it’s time to refine it and leave us to make any amendments. This is where we work back and forth on your project until it’s perfect for you.


Deliver & Grow

Once everything is complete, we will send your graphic design project to you. We can’t wait to see your project launch and the success start to flow.

Graphic Design Frequently Asked Questions

Do you think my logo needs redesigning?

We enjoy it when a client asks for our opinion on a graphic design project. At Create8 we will always respond with honesty and integrity as your success is important to us. If you feel that your current logo resonates with your customers and forms part of your brand identity. We would suggest keeping it. If businesses were to change their logo too frequently, they would lose their brand recognition.

If I hire you as graphic designers, are you able to do all the jobs I need?

The true beauty of using Create8 is our flexibility as an agency. We understand the needs of our clients and aim to provide all-inclusive management of your graphic design projects. The varied skills of our talented team means we encourage in-house collaboration to make sure your business gets the best service possible. Think of it this way, you’re hiring your own team of graphic designers, not just one!

Do you have a general price for graphic design?

This frequently asked question pretty much sums up the sector. Graphic design knows no real boundaries when it comes to building a brilliant business. As the needs of every business differ, there is no set quote for graphic design, it’s a broad term. Once we’ve conducted a workshop and scoped out your project, you’ll then receive a price for the full graphic design project.

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