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One of the questions that always comes up in conversation at the arrival of a new company is, ‘how did they pick that name’. It’s one of those business questions where no matter how many times you hear an answer, you’ll be equally interested in the next answer. The truth is that everyone has a different story, and sometimes it just happens. So let’s look at some things to think about when choosing your new business name.

Who are you?

Without sounding like we’re stating the obvious, it’s vital when naming your business to think about what you stand for. If you’re an eco-conscious company, think about how your name can imply that. You need to fully understand what you want to convey to your potential customers. Your business name will likely be the first thing they know about you, so make it good!

If you are service-based, think about whether your customers will be able to recognise what you do from your name alone. Bear in mind, your business name will appear on business cards, marketing and your website. So don’t settle for something you’re not sure about!

Short & sweet

In many aspects of business, keeping it short and sweet can seem lazy. But when it comes to names, the most effective are short, to the point and memorable. Think of some well-known companies, Apple, Prada, Xbox. Names are kept short because, they’re easier to remember, quicker to say and they roll off the tongue. So, if you want your business name to be on the lips of your potential clients or customers, keep it short and sweet!

Avoid short-sighted thinking!

We can’t stress the importance of avoiding short-sightedness. Narrow thinking could create a scenario where your name is confusing instead of memorable.

For example, if your business is called ‘Special Audi Parts’ it suggests you only do Audi car parts. But if further down the line you decide to stock a variety of products, your name will restrict your business. People who drive Mercedes cars are unlikely to get in touch with Special Audi Parts.

It’s difficult to predict what the future holds in the business world, but we recommend avoiding being tied down by a name. Keep it vague but suggestive and look forward to growth and success.

You’re from where?

Obviously, we love Manchester, we live here, run our business from here and don’t plan on moving away. However, locations are something that should probably be avoided when it comes to naming your business.

We suppose it falls into the short-sighted bracket again but, as geography brings us together, it too will inevitably separate us. With certain geographical areas comes a bad reputation or one that hinders potential customers commitment to the brand. Take the friendly rivalry between Liverpool and Manchester for example. It’s unlikely that a proud Liverpudlian will walk around wearing a clothing brand called Manchester. It’s strange we know, but it’s something to consider.

Geography is great if you are looking primarily to work with a city. But again, if you see growth in the future, you could end up needing to change your name. Which would mean a loss of brand recognition and potentially lose you some loyal customers.

Just because something is trendy right now doesn’t mean you should buy into it. For example, one trend appeared in the 90s’ where online businesses added .com to the end of their business name. So we would have been Create8.com, which of course isn’t a bad website URL, but would we really want to be saying .com every time someone asked about our business? Erm…nope.

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As a creative agency, we enjoy hunting for solutions in abstract and previously barren places. This is often the case when it comes to choosing your business name. You’ve probably tried so many different combinations that everything now seems lost. Which is of course, where we step in. Name formulation is just one of the many projects we can assist with for your business. Creating brands that last the test of time is just what we do and our track record speaks for itself.

So, if you want to discuss how we could help your business, reach out. We can even discuss the lengthy process we took to choose the name Create8!

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