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How can you brand a restaurant to put bums on seats and cash in your pocket?

In an incredibly dense sector, branding can be your best friend; this is truer than ever for restaurants up and down the country. As we have bounced out of the lockdown, we hit the town looking for a new place to eat until we explode. With more and more potential clients roaming the streets, it’s no surprise that the hospitality sector is getting the leg-up it needed.

However, those footsteps on the concrete don’t immediately equal cash in the till. This period of potential chaos has been far more fruitful for some than it has for others. Therefore, the question arises, can branding really make that much of a difference?

We don’t need to answer that, do we? In this blog, we will chat with you about our two favourite things, branding and food. As we share our expertise and help you to understand how to brand a restaurant.Restaurant Logo on a signThings to consider 🤔

Before we share any of our tips, think with clarity about the restaurant sector. It’s a bustling space where new eateries are almost constantly presenting themselves as competition. Having a strong brand in this sector is much more than just a logo and a catchy slogan.

Brands in this sector are meaningful. They resonate with those who come to dine and return for more, creating much-needed consumer loyalty. Which, if you’re lucky enough to build, will keep residual income coming to the business from your so-called ‘regulars.

Your mission (statement) 📰

When it comes to any well-branded business, they all have to start somewhere. Your mission statement is that start. A mission statement allows you to fully understand your business’s nature, but importantly, away from the boring business stuff, it gives your brand personality. Without personality, you’re like every other eatery; with it, you will be remembered, for the right reasons!

Within your mission statement, you should answer questions like: “Why does this business exist?” and “what do you want to accomplish in this sector?’ By knowing the answers to these questions, you add drive and substance to your brand. This is what will build the foundations and inform every decision you make.

Whether you want to be a family-run local eatery or a future million-pound franchise, you’re likely to remain static as a business without a plan and idea of what you want.Sass Cafe Coffee Cup Design

Your position 🍴

This is a critical question in any sector and fundamentally underpins the way you do business. In the restaurant sector, it’s even more crucial. “Why”, we hear you ask, well, to answer that, we need you to think about your behaviour when you eat. Do you always go for the same style of meals? Would you, for example, get dressed up to go to a fast-food place? Or would you walk into a Michelin star restaurant in a sports kit? You likely answered “no” to both of the above questions, unless you are up for breaking boundaries and maybe even being denied entry in your trainers.

Knowing your position in the sector will dictate several other key business attributes. For example, what products you will offer to suit the style and desire of your demographic. And, of course, how much are you going to charge? If McDonald’s introduced a £20 steak, are people going to buy it? Probably not, but knowing McDonald’s, they probably would give it a go one day.

Your brand can only operate once it knows where it will be doing the majority of its business. Get this right early because a change of menu could confuse the regulars.

If branding isn’t your thing, why not check out some of our recent branding projects? Hiring Create8 could be a strategically excellent move for your business. Think big and let us help you reach that goal. Follow the link below for some of our favourite branding projects.

Your look and feel 🤩

When it comes to the look and feel of branding a restaurant, it’s undeniably a huge part of the puzzle. However, there is much more to the look of a brand than you may imagine. For example, would you head somewhere to eat if their logo hadn’t first caught your eye? Yes, probably. But would you continue through their doors if it looked dirty and aged? The chance is you would turn around and be out of the door like Road Runner.

The look of your brand is, of course, a great logo, but it’s also brilliant menus, fabulous signage and a welcoming feel when you enter through the door. Evoking countless emotions within your clientele is what creates a bond between every customer and your brand. Branding is where customer loyalty is built.

Brand voice 🎤

Finally, you need to not only look and feel a certain way, but you also need to replicate those warming feels with your tone of voice. A strong brand speaks concisely and honestly to its customers. Has an unwavering tone and remains consistent throughout all the ups and downs that the business has to offer.

When we talk about brand voice, there are lots of different things to consider. From the way you converse with your customers online, to the way your staff meet and greet customers walking through the door.

When you brand a restaurant, your voice should remain consistent when speaking to clients. That way, people will have the same opinion of your brand whenever they encounter it and will be able to recognise and appreciate it.

Think about the tone of voice used on all KFC ads, then think about how the staff address you as a customer. Consistency is key.

Get started 🚀

The competitive nature of the restaurant sector means that just fitting in isn’t an option. You’ll get overlooked as a face in the crowd, and that often leads to the painful act of closing your doors for good or spending more money on a rebrand down the line.

If you can build a strong brand, your chances of success good. Think about Nandos, despite their product offering remaining simple, it’s all about the look and feel of their brand.

They appeal to the masses, and people know what they’re getting when they walk in. The relationship they have nurtured with their customers is one of confidence, simplicity and honesty, and guess what, people love honesty. So, the ball is in your court; it’s time to build a restaurant brand; follow our steps, and you won’t go wrong.

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At Create8, the sense of pride we have in each job that passes through our office is unrivalled. We put ourselves in your shoes so that your business comes first. If you want to know more about how to brand your restaurant or start your next project with our team, get in touch.

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