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Making emails readable, enjoyable and clickable

When it comes to the success of your business there is very little as important as the way you interact with your customers. The same goes for those pesky potentials who have signed up to your mailing list but are yet to buy your products. Driving the conversation and putting your business in front of the world, email marketing might just be your greatest tool.

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What Do We Do?

Email Marketing Strategy

We forgive you for thinking that email marketing is dead. The truth is, we hear that statement frequently and it couldn’t be further from correct. If you take a look at the statistics behind email marketing, you could actually be led to realising it’s one of the most effective marketing strategies out there. So, let’s get into the juicy stuff.


Your data collection needs to be spot on. Understanding the value of capturing data and having the necessary permissions to be able to market to the data you have. Whether it’s by the integration of some handy pop-up data capture features within your website or it’s something more complicated we will make sure the data you have is rich and valuable to your business.


Essential to a great email marketing campaign, timing. Bear in mind that over 293 billion emails are sent globally each day. So, yours is a tiny fish in the ocean, in fact, it’s probably more like some sand in the belly of that fish… So how do you make your email memorable? Well, a lot of this falls down to when it arrives in your customers inbox.

Email Content Development

With so many emails being sent each day, getting noticed can be tricky. Keep in mind that most of your recipients will only see the name of your business and heading so it’s time to get savvy. Offer something of value. Whether that’s a discount code or some advice that your customer won’t get elsewhere. That way they are encouraged engage in your emails and click through to your website.

Internal Content

Once your potential customer has made it into your email, it’s time to really capture their attention. As an agency with a team of graphic designers, we can help your business develop the perfect layout to keep your customers reading. We also offer bespoke graphics such as animations and GIFS to further capture the attention of the reader and to hopefully push them onwards towards your site.


With the wording of your email, there are several things you should be thinking about. The delivery of your message, you’re a guest in your potential customer’s inbox, behave like a guest and don’t think it’s your right to be there. Think about the demographic of your customer, how do they speak? What do they want to read? By being overly technical you could alienate potential customers, so stay clear and concise. Another option of course, is to utilise a team of content writers to help develop your email marketing campaigns. With years of experience, we can help you talk your way into your customer’s hearts.

Email Marketing Analysis

Once the dust has settled on your last email marketing campaign, and by dust settling in the digital world we mean, a couple of days at the most, it’s time to analyse. With marketing analysis, we use our wealth of knowledge regarding different sectors to find the successes and failures of your campaign.

Opens & Clicks

When analysing your campaign, the first two things we are looking for are the number of opens and the click-through rate (CTR). These two figures form the basis of how successful your campaign was and how successful future campaigns could be. The number of opens highlights whether or not you were able to entice your mailing list to open your email from the subject line alone. The CTR gives us the info needed about who left the email and who went on to your website. The better the CTR, the more money you are likely to make.


In most cases, you are inevitably going to have a certain number of people who no longer want to be on your mailing list, and honestly, that’s fine, don’t stress! Of course, if the number is larger than average it may highlight flaws in the data you’re capturing or the traffic you are sending to your site from other marketing campaigns. Those who stay around are often around for good, so let’s sell them some product!

The Email Marketing Flow

The workflow of our email marketing process; making it as transparent and understandable as possible. By highlighting how we work to our clients, we allow the process to remain flexible as we know everyone has different demands and needs. If you want to chat about beginning your email marketing campaign project, chat to our Manchester-based design team today!



The first step is scoping out your project to see if it’s achievable, we can then provide you with a project estimate and timeframes.



It’s important our designers understand your industry and competitors; this allows us to find out what has and hasn’t been done before.


Design & Develop

Research is done, it’s time to get creative! Our design team will start developing your newsletter. We will then present you our ideas and concepts.



Once you’ve looked over your newsletter, it’s time to refine it and make any amendments you’ve sent. This is where we work on your newsletter until it’s perfect for you.


Deliver & Grow

Now that everything is complete, we will send over your newsletter in code or save it on your newsletter account. Let’s not forget to check back in a few days to see how your newsletter did!

Email Marketing Frequently Asked Questions

Am I currently sending too many emails?

Without asking how many you’re sending at current, it’s important to ask this instead ‘Are you generating clicks from your current campaign?’ It is essential not to get too caught up on the number of emails you send, we want you to worry about the quality.

In the case of email marketing, yes repetition is important as your brand will be recognised if it is seen more frequently. However, if you’re sending 10 rubbish emails a week, you’ll get lots of unsubscribes, whereas 3/4 strong emails will keep your customers engaged.

Do I need a website for a successful email marketing campaign?

Luckily for you, if you’re visiting this page, you probably know we make pretty awesome websites too, so if you need one, we’ve got you covered. To answer the question directly, if you have any online presence you can push traffic there, but a website is more likely to generate sales and trust. This is especially true if the page you send your customers to is relevant to the content featured in the email.

Is personalisation important or could I use a generic email builder?

Honestly, of course, you can use a generic template provider with a built-in automated system. You need to stand out as much as possible so make sure you’re utilising what it has to offer. Quality needs to be at the forefront of everything you do and that includes your email marketing. So don’t cut corners because the figures suggest that email marketing could be the difference-maker.


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