North Hopps

Brand Identity & Packaging

North Hopps

Brand Identity and Packaging Design


To design a designed the brand identity and product artwork for North Hopps, a brewery representing the cultural heritage and vibe of The North of England -focusing on Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham.


We approached this project by using the most unifying theme for people of the North of England, music. We researched and understood the musical cultures of the North along side each city, and the prolific artists to have come from the region.


Our solution was to utilise the style of the most recognisable band in the North and in the country, The Beatles. Utilising the famous Yellow Submarine aesthetic alongside cultural and musical references relatable to each of the cities, we have created an identity which jumps off the shelf while encompassing the pride of the North and the iconic personalities to have come out of it.

Please note: This is a concept brand.