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What is Wireframing?

Wireframing is often a lesser-known terminology in web design. However, despite not being well known, it’s one of the most vital steps. When building a website, all our projects take a similar path, laid out in our workflow on the Web Design page.

A wireframe is a sketch of the website layout before the coding and creating work takes place. A wireframe would include elements like the layout of the pages, where your content will sit and how it will look. The wireframe will also include information about the site’s functionality and how your users will interact with it.

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The Importance of Wireframing

Why you Need a Wireframe

When it comes to web design, it’s fair to say we know our stuff. As an agency, creating beautiful bespoke sites is something we have been doing with pride since 2015.

We often find that when a client comes through the front door at Create8 HQ, they want to know more about the web design process. From the external, customer-facing aesthetic to the witchcraft and wizardry that goes on behind the scenes. If that’s your thing, you could call our office Hogwarts because we are all about those magical tweaks that go a long way.

We relish the opportunity to talk about what we do, and we take great pride in every project. Therefore, helping you to understand your website is just a part of the service.

Why Wireframing is Essential

Mapping out the site architecture – Within any creative sector, it can be challenging to convey the full scope of a project. When an idea looks a certain way in your head, you can’t take a screenshot of that mental image to show your client. A wireframe allows a web designer to show how the project will look and the integral features.

Using your sitemap as a checklist for the wireframe helps create a visual representation of the design. The wireframe considers the flow of information you provide your users and how they will interact with that information. Knowing this allows the client to think about how users will journey through the site (your user experience UX), with all roads leading to sales.

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Wireframing pushes usability to the forefront of the design.

When it comes to having a brilliant website, there is a lot more to it than merely having the best looking landing pages. Pretty sites may win awards, but they don’t always make sales.

The pivotal factor with any successful website is the user experience (UX). A wireframe drives the designer to look in-depth at how your website will convert. What paths your customers will follow, and how they will interact with specific features. If you know how someone will get to the product they are looking for, there’s more chance of making their experience/journey enjoyable. The wireframing process is your websites best friend.

Tip: Customers want to find what they are looking for as quickly as possible. Make sure your user journey leads to conversions, not abandoned baskets.

A Collaboration

If we told you the key to the web design process is collaboration, would you believe us? The wireframing process champions collaboration on every project.

Your understanding of your website’s workings will allow you to evaluate your eCommerce results properly. We want you to get a feel for how the sales process works within your website. The wireframing process also allows clients to make tweaks to our suggested layout without undoing hours worth of work.

It is much easier to chop and change elements before the build begins, whereas any major changes needed further down the line, will cost more money and time. The feedback that’s provided earlier in the process is a benefit to all involved!

Tip: If you have any suggestions or things you want changing, mention them earlier in the process. If there’s something you don’t like, it will probably continue to bother you in the future.

In our experience, it works.

Wireframing works. We’ve been building sites this way for many years, and we would always recommend starting a new web design project with a wireframe. You wouldn’t build a house without an architect’s plan. Neglecting a wireframe could be much more expensive in the long run. Think ahead and save time and money.

Tip: If you’re having a site built with another designer, ask about the wireframe; showing your knowledge will help you get the results you deserve.

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Wireframing FAQ’s

How much does a web design project cost?

When it comes to cost, every project is different. Countless variables are involved in a project, it’s challenging to give a specific price without knowing what you want to achieve. If you are interested in our services, send us a message. We can build your proposal based on the exact specifics of your project.

Are there any negatives to wireframing?

Wireframing means that the process may take a little longer than if you went straight into building the site. But this can also mean in the coding process if you want a change, this will add on more time anyway.

I don’t live in Manchester, can I still get a website from you?

The nature of web design means we can work over emails, calls, video catch-ups. However, where possible, we always like to meet clients face-to-face.

Can you improve the website I already have?

It depends on what software the website is built through and if our developers can interpret the content.

Does every create8 website start with a wireframe?

Wireframing is a recommended process in web design at Create8 but it’s not something we do every time. Every client is different and may not need to pre-plan their layout.

Can I edit my website once it’s complete?

If you choose a WordPress site build, then you can usually edit your website afterwards. We also provide training lessons for WordPress if needed.


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