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Bidding for Clicks and Sales

As online sales continue to push traditional shop fronts ever closer to the edge. Choosing not to leverage your online presence could be fatal to your business.

Advertising online has become the prerequisite to success and it is such a beneficial outlet that you can find how-to courses running pretty constantly up-and-down the country.

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I have used Create 8 on a number of projects and they have always been a fantastically forward-thinking company. The staff are extremely friendly and know their sector brilliantly well. Would highly recommend.

Dale Edwards

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How Can I Advertise Online?

When it comes to all the marketing and advertising sectors, online advertising is the one that makes the most noise. So we understand why so many are put-off jumping into this moderately unexplained land. However, anyone can be involved in online marketing no matter how vast or shallow a budget they have available. Feel out the sector to fully understand where your potential customers are most active and how they want to shop.

Once you understand this you will be able to select an advertising platform that suits your business. If you are tight on time or want to maximise your output and minimise your spend, it might be worth finding an expert in the social media marketing sector to micromanage your advertising for you.


Google is the most popular search engine in the world and unsurprisingly the most popular destination for marketers. Advertising through Google is a little more complicated than other platforms but the results can be incredible when you combine know-how with a great business or product.

Google’s share of the online advertising market is almost double that of its closest competitor. This is understandable too when you note that Google Ads as a platform shows a $2 return on every $1 spent. Getting Google right can be extremely lucrative for your business. To help you a little more, we’ll break down the two most popular types of Google Ads.

Google Search

Google Search Network advertisements are the ones you see above the organic search results when you run any kind of Google search. Google ranks the results by several complex internal algorithms regarding the occurrence and relevance of keywords within your website. It’s vital to make sure your website is SEO ready before ploughing money into Google search advertising.

If you haven’t used the platform before, google runs a sort of digital auction for each popular keyword and ranks the results on those paying the most money to the least for that click. You may have heard this referred to as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing. As an agency, we offer PPC advertising as part of our digital marketing packages. Our team of experts take care of your advertisements so you don’t have to.

Google Display Network

Google also offers the option to run display network adverts within the Google Ads platform. Display ads are imagery-based advertisements that appear on Google-owned websites and other Google partnered platforms.

Display adverts are extremely useful if you are a product-based business as you can feature your items within the ad itself. However they are far less targeted than search network ads mentioned above.

This is because when someone searches on Google, they are typing in specifically what they are looking for. Whereas Display ads are shown to a wider and more generic audience.


Facebook is much more than your favourite social media platform. It’s also one of the best places for targeted advertising. Within the Facebook Ads Manager platform, businesses can target tiny demographics based on what they like and engage with on social media. Similar to Google, Facebook also uses an online auction format, however, on Facebook you are bidding on your whole advert and not just specifics like keywords.

The beauty of Facebook ads is that they want adverts to be shown to the right people as to not disrupt their users’ experience of the social media outlet. Therefore your advert is more likely to drive the right type of traffic at a much cheaper price.


After Facebook purchased Instagram in 2012, Instagram quickly became everyone’s favourite app. From pictures of meals to cats smiling we’ve seen it all. But what did change was the capabilities of Instagram as a marketing platform. When it comes to advertising online, Instagram rapidly popularised the term ‘Influencer Marketing’.

The hiring of individuals to advertise the benefits of your business or products to their following on social media. Influencer marketing took the world by storm and was particularly popular within the fashion sector. Instagram is one of the most customer-friendly advertising platforms, as influencer endorsed adverts are part of the flow of the app and not thrust upon potential clients.

The Advertising Online Workflow

The flexibility of a digital marketing project with Create8 is essential. Due to the variance in potential platforms, styles of advertising and chosen demographics. We need to assess how attainable your potential clients are and how best to access them before we get into the fun design-related work. If your business was to double in the next year, you must be able to scale-up your online advertising and allow the process to grow alongside you.

Every job we take on is entirely bespoke, as we want your business to achieve success and we want our work to be as beneficial as possible. If every marketing campaign looked identical, the battle for sales would be even more difficult than it already is. Below we have broken down the workflow so that all of our clients fully understand our process.



The first step of any Create8 digital marketing project is to scope out the project as a whole. Are your expectations attainable and what kind of pricepoint is going to work for the job to succeed? We don’t want to have to add extra prices along the way because of a poorly scoped job. We want you to be able to relax and know your budget confidently.



Before the creative magic begins, we conduct full research into your sector. This includes what your competitors are doing, and any niches they may be missing. It also includes how to best access your chosen demographic and what kind of content to produce to excite them. Our digital planning and inspiration building processes take place at this point.



At this stage, the fun begins! We create designs for each aspect of your advertising, banners, graphics, photography and everything in between. We then collect your ideas, thoughts and feedback.



At the refining stage, we ask for all your amendments and implement them within the project. This is where we make the designs perfect for you.


Deliver & Grow

We deliver your project and start running your online advertising campaigns! With the option to maintain and tweak your campaigns to make sure they are always optimal.

Online Advertising FAQs

Could I run my own adverts?

Yes! At Create8, we offer various types of packages to suit every business need. If you are looking for our help on the formulation of your campaign including graphic content we can do this for you. However, an all-inclusive management package would take full advantage of our expertise in the digital marketing sector.

Do you offer help and support once you’ve finished the project?

A digital marketing project is something that needs care and maintenance to succeed. We would advise hiring an expert to continue to monitor your campaign and tweak it when and where it’s needed. We offer campaign maintenance as part of our packages, which means we are around to help with whatever you need.

Do I have to use all of the advertising platforms?

No, you can use as many or as few as you wish. It’s best to look into which platform has the most potential for your business. Does your demographic use Instagram frequently? Or are they likely to run a google search for your service? Your budget will also dictate how far you can spread your marketing, as dipping your toes in the water of each is not the way to go. Find what works and make that your primary platform.

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