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What is UX Wireframing?

Without UX wireframing, the functionality of your website just wouldn’t be the same. When we say wireframing, it may make you a little bit uncomfortable. This is because so many people simply haven’t heard the term before, and those that have often don’t quite know what it means. But hey ho, that’s why we are here!

To make it as simple as possible, wireframing is used in the early stages of technological design, layout and functionality of your website. For example, the wireframing process takes into account the layout of the content on your website. So if you’re a blogger, you’re likely to have your most recent or most popular blog in the centre of your homepage. This is because it is the reason people visit your site and you want to make their user-journey as painless as possible.

However, wireframing also works on much more complex levels. Wireframing dictates the layout of all the content on your website. It can also be used when designing apps, or other tech-based customer-facing entities. The UX which appears in the term simply means ‘User Experience’, we know what you’re thinking, ‘wouldn’t that be UE’, well no, not in this case, anyway, let’s move on!

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What Do We Do?

Demographic Research

When it comes to UX Wireframing, it’s essential that we understand your customers. If we don’t, how can we possibly cater a design to them? As part of our web design process we will always get to know as much as possible about your business and the demographic you are targeting. Whether they interact online whilst having their cornflakes, whether they scroll through new outfits on the morning commute, or whether your demographic only use the web in the evening on their laptop. All of these factors can dictate how we wireframe your website.

Responsive Web Design

How responsive your website is, is largely down to the wireframing process in the early development stage. We would never produce a website that looked a million dollars on a desktop but couldn’t be used whatsoever on a mobile phone. That’s annoying, right? So during the wireframing process, we will be thinking about how to best optimise your content to make your website responsive across all devices.

Share the Process

One of the most beneficial aspects of wireframing is that it allows us as a web design agency to share the early development process, with you, the customer. Wireframing allows us to fully understand how your potential clients are going to navigate through your site, and how it will look whilst they do. It allows us to develop a collaborative process so that you can share your passion and ideas with our innovative and pragmatic team. Let’s do this together!

Wireframing Concepts

Wireframing concepts is one of our specialities! This is due to the level of attention we put into the user experience. We hate clunky and awkward websites more than most, meaning we’d never produce one! To avoid this ever happening, we produce several initial wireframing concepts. This allows us to tweak our concepts and fully understand how the user could respond to prompts given within the site. After all, if you’re an online retailer, you want to sell products. So let’s make your product as easy as possible to buy.


When building a wireframe and indeed a website in general, it’s important that we know your competition. The competition for online sales can often be driven by the initial wireframing process and most people don’t know it. If you are selling the same products as a competitor and the item is much easier to buy on your website than theirs, chances are you will win the battle. Of course, the price point comes into play, but let’s imagine everything is the same. So a potential customer lands on your competitor’s site, they are met with heaps of information. Whereas on yours, which is fully optimised for this user, ta-da there’s the product, there’s the buy button, you’re in.

UI Design

Wireframing is hugely important in UI or user interface design. If you open up a website or application and it looks like a prehistoric piece of design, you’re immediately put off, right? Well, that’s where we optimise your site to make the user interface slick, modern and desirable. The wireframing aspect of the UI design work is for the layout, as this comes into play before colours, logos and content.

The Web Design Flow

As the whole process of designing a website can become overcomplicated. We wanted to make it easily digestible for all our customers. So let’s break down exactly what we do.



The scope stage always comes first in any project that we take on. We want to make sure we fully understand what you are looking to achieve and how you intend to achieve it. Once we know the ins and outs of what you want to do, we can make sure it’s achievable and offer a timeframe to work to.



Our designers need to know your industry and your competition. If we don’t, we cant create a website that will drive traffic from your competitors and increase your popularity.


Design & Develop

Now it’s time to have some fun. As a design-based agency, slick and modern web design is just what we do. Our designs will start with a wireframe before being coded and built to match.



During the web design process, we will reach out to you to allow plenty of opportunities for refining what we’re creating. We will do this in the initial wireframing process and throughout the development. The final refining stage will allow you to make any changes before we deliver your website.


Deliver & Grow

We offer website maintenance as an option within our design packages. Meaning we will be around should there be any changes to your website or its content. We always champion our clients as much as possible because we believe in your business too.

Wireframing Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of the UX Wireframing process?

Wireframing is far more important than most businesses know. One of the biggest advantages is that it gives an early visual to the client. Meaning from an early stage, they understand how their website is going to be laid out. Wireframes are a great opportunity for early feedback on usability tests and are extremely malleable. The designer can alter and manipulate them far quicker than they could a concept design or the actual website. Saving time and money!

Will I be able to change the UX Wireframing later on in the process?

Wireframing is utilised early in the design process meaning it would be unnecessary to change it later on. Wireframing is a guide for UX designers and the business, any changes that take place once the website is being built, will 9 times out of 10, be done on the actual site.

Can I be involved in the UX Wireframing process?

Of course! Each project we take on is bespoke to the client, we want the entire web design to work for you. This begins with the wireframing process. When looking at initial layouts for your website, our designers will use their sector and technological knowledge to build something incredibly user-friendly. Varying demographics have not only preferred designs and colour schemes, but they also like information to be presented in certain ways.

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