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‘Not another good review’, is something we know absolutely no-one has ever said. That being said, reviews themselves are often under-utilised in the business world. As mass amounts of shopping is now done online (especially for this second pre-Christmas lockdown) customers are showing more willingness when it comes to leaving reviews. In comparison to the old days of filling out a card in the store, or shopping on the high street and heading home before going on the internet to leave a review. We simply haven’t got the time for all that faff and we’re not sure we did back then either.

A business with multiple good reviews is far more likely to be selected than a business with none. The same goes for your products, people will lean towards the ones that come with recommendations, in comparison to the ones that don’t. So, here’s the big question, ‘Are you using your reviews to your advantage?’.

How to collect reviews 👍

Honestly, there are no real wrong and right ways to collect reviews. If someone is willing to say something nice about your business, products or service, then make sure it’s easy for them to do so. If a customer offers a review or feedback and you don’t respond, you’re undoing your hard work.

There are easier ways than others, review platforms like TrustPilot and are so easy to use they are practically idiot-proof. Offering the capability to send out emails to your customer database asking for reviews. They then collect and formulate what is said and offer the option to create social proof imagery for later use.

Don’t go quiet 🤫

The only mistake bigger than not capturing reviews is not responding to them. So make sure you respond to everyone. Respond promptly and honestly because a lie is see-through even online. Don’t let your professionalism drop, if you lower your standard of response you lower the way your company is viewed by all those who see it.

It’s essential to remember, everyone will get a bad review or two from time-to-time. It’s just human nature that everyone has differing tastes and will appreciate what you do at different levels. Don’t let it break you. No matter what.

Responding quickly doesn’t just stand for bad reviews or criticism, it’s for the good ones too, let people know you appreciate their time, it goes a long way.

Make socials 🤳

Most review capture platforms have built-in social proof building tools. However, if you’re a graphics wiz, make your own! Make them as stand-out and eye-catching as possible. If you can attract people to read your review-based social posts, they will know what your customers think about you, and in turn, drive them to purchase from you too.

Promote your socials 🗣️

If you’re taking the time to make the social imagery, it would be a waste of time hiding it away! For example, once you share that image on to your social media feeds, drive people to it by sharing it across your stories and other outlets. Wave your good reviews in the faces of your customers, there’s no point in being subtle when you’re proud of something. Subtlety will often go missing on social media, think about how, where and when your social placements will work best.

Highlight reviews in your marketing 📣

Reviews are great because they can be used to formulate and manipulate your marketing campaigns. Think about it, as the re-marketing ads follow you around Facebook or Google, how many times have you noticed the star rating of the company advertising? Having your average star rating in your marketing creates brand awareness and reinforces potential customers to build trust in your brand.

The beauty of reviews is that they can drive your marketing in directions you don’t expect. Take the reaction of Carlsberg to a number of negative responses to their ‘probably the best beer in the world’ campaign. They decided on a complete u-turn. Heading back to Carlsberg HQ and reworking their recipe. The Danish brewing giant returned with a ‘probably not the best beer in the world’ marketing campaign in an aim to win back disappointed drinkers. In this moment of marketing honesty, the company presented itself as a brand that can be trusted and they were successful on the back of this bold move.

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