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Create8’s hints and tips for driving repeat customers to your website.

The online world is booming, and with no sign of slowing down, website traffic is more important than ever before. It’s becoming a rarity that we encounter a business that isn’t online; and even if you are, attending the party doesn’t guarantee you’re getting to set tongues wagging.

Think of it this way, if you own a shop front, let’s say a hairdresser. You’ve made the shopfront look brilliant, and the inside looks like an architect’s living room. But is that enough to make those who use your service become repeat customers? In most cases, it won’t be, and obviously, the product and services you offer will go a considerable way towards getting those same faces back through the front door.

But…here comes the curveball! Online there are countless businesses offering products probably quite similar to yours. Unless your offering is completely bespoke, never-been-seen-before, you’re going to have to try that little bit harder. This blog will look at some of the best ways to continue to drive those dedicated clients back to your website.

So, in the words of forgotten duo Rizzle Kicks, let’s skip to the good bit.

How much do you know?

Without knowledge, you have nothing. Without sounding like we are preaching (which we are sort of), you need to know everything you possibly can about your customers. Data capture is essential to everything you do online; there is no more straightforward way to put it. Without knowing who is shopping with you and why they are, how will you ever know how to bring them back?

The truth is, data drives every move that companies make online. Having rich and insightful data is one of the most significant advantages possible. It will allow you to understand not only the general brackets in which your demographic falls, but it will also offer knowledge involving their journey on your site.

If you can answer questions like: ‘Did they look at more than one product?’ “Was it an advert that drove them to your website?’ and ‘Are we able to contact them again?’ You’ll instantly be able to categorise warmer and cooler leads and then understand what each customer wants from your business.

Remind them what they are missing

Remarketing is brilliant because it allows your business to remind those pesky potential customers what they are missing out on when they don’t purchase your products.

One of the essential ways to remarket to your customers is to use a strategic email marketing platform. Two of the leaders in the sector are Klaviyo and Mailchimp. You’ve probably heard of them both, but if you haven’t already, have a play around to see what is possible with the platform before investing in one or the other.

Firstly, it’s important to note that you’re missing a trick if you aren’t capturing your customers’ and potential customers’ contact information. In fact, you need to start right away!

Email marketing platforms allow businesses to use the enriched data from their website to send remarketing emails to specific categories of customers. For example, one of your potential customers has visited your website and put the same item in their bag twice without purchasing. In that case, you can specifically present this item again in an email. Driving the desire for that customer to return to the site again and purchase the item. You can also include special discounts in the hope that the reduced price will increase the chance of purchase.


Klaviyo, in particular, uses your website data to provide you with tonnes of extra helpful information that you can use to keep your business ahead of the competition. Such as the lifetime value of specific customers and when they are most likely to make their next purchase. This sort of info can guide you in your decision making and budgeting, which is, of course, a win-win.

With the new ios update and other online changes making digital marketing that bit more difficult, email marketing is about to start trending again. Target the people who actually want to know about your company! If people sign up to your list it’s because they actively care and might open that next big sales newsletter you send out.

If the technicalities involved in running an inclusive remarketing campaign are beyond your skillset, you may want to hire an agency to help you along the way. We’ve got a broad experience of the marketing sector and tailor every project to be bespoke to every client. Drop us a message if you want to discuss how we may be able to help.

Loyalty, loyalty, loyalty

In the world of business, there is nothing more valuable than loyalty. The more consumers a brand has that show loyalty towards them, the more successful the company is likely to be.

So, with that being said, how can you show that much-needed loyalty to keep your repeat customers flocking back? Well, our top tip would be to incentivise being part of a loyalty scheme for the customer sharing their information with your business.

For example, once a customer creates an account, for each order they make, they accumulate points; and once they reach a specific points total, they receive discount codes. This is an ingenious way of running your loyalty scheme, as it incentivises the initial purchase and drives the customer to spend more as they use their voucher or code.

Depending on how complex your rewards system is, this will dictate how you can show your loyalty to your valued customers. However, if your website doesn’t have these capabilities, you could keep it simple by using emails to send out vouchers, discounts and exclusives to your existing customers as well as people who signed up to stay up to date with your business.

Retargeting with adverts

Businesses across the online world are using digital marketing to target the most desirable demographics and to drive that high-value traffic to their websites. The possibilities of a well run social media marketing campaign are far more than just traffic.

With the know-how, your business can retarget individuals who have shown an interest in you through social media marketing. We recommend strategising a campaign across both Google Ads and Facebook Ads to target that warm traffic and drive repeat customers to your business.

If you don’t have the necessary knowledge to run retargeting adverts, reach out to a marketing agency. Build something fantastic, increase your profile and raise the number of those valuable repeat customers.

Create8 digital marketing

The beauty of a project with Create8 is that we are an all-under-one-roof agency – no job is too big or small. Our team of mould-breaking creatives provide a service that focuses on your businesses needs. Consequently, we champion our clients and walk alongside them on their journey. When it comes to digital marketing, we build campaigns that catch the eye and encourage business for our clients.

Communicate with those who care

Our last top tip for creating repeat customers is to communicate with customers at times when they are thinking of you. People who interact with your business on social media, whether it’s something as basic as a follow or like, are interested in your company and what you’re currently doing. You’ll be able to find the times that your demographic are actively scrolling on social media, and then you’ll know when could be best to post.

Your communication can be as simple as a “How is everyone doing?” or as complex as a discount for each individual who comments on a specific post; the possibilities are endless. Our top tip would be to remain consistent across social media regardless of success.

Having an active platform gives the impression that you are a caring and proactive business. If you have a platform that you don’t post on regularly, we recommend getting rid of it altogether. A static platform gives off bad vibes, and here at Create8, our clients are just like us – good vibes only!

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As a design agency, Create8 connects the dots so that you don’t have to. We pride ourselves on our work ethic and the desire we have to build thought-provoking projects for all of our clients. If your business is looking to stand out from the crowd, then we are the agency for you.

If anything you have read in this blog is of interest to you, or you want to discuss the possibility of bringing in the Create8 team to work alongside your brilliant business, then follow the link below. You can leave us a message, send a business proposal or even do it old school and pick up the phone! We love hearing about the driving forces behind new businesses, and we can’t wait to hear from you.

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