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What are the best approaches you can take to grow brand loyalty?

The past few years have changed everything. We know how macabre that sounds, but it’s true whatever way you look at it. The pandemic changed life. It moved ideas that were purely a pipedream like working from home in your ASDA pyjamas into a reality, but it also pushed things towards the precipice of their lifespan.

Take the high street, for example, it would be negligent to say that more shops would still be trading in the city centre had Covid not happened. Because, yes, they may have, but the death of the high street is no new phenomenon. We’ve seen it coming for years; the pandemic just ran up and kicked it off the ledge, Gerard Butler, in 300 style.

What we’ve been left with is a new world, one that, of course, will take some getting used to, but it was essentially the one we were heading towards in the first place. One of the significant changes that have come with this new existence is an entirely fresh perspective on consumer behaviour. As eCommerce businesses battled on our social feeds or Google – anywhere they deemed a battlefield, we started to buy certain brands for specific reasons, some of which we didn’t fully understand just yet.

In this blog, we are talking about how your business can build brand loyalty and drive those much needed digital conversions. So, let’s move this along swiftly.

What is happening with consumer behaviour?

Believe it or not, in recent years, there has been a rush of consumers declaring that their purchase decisions aren’t driven by brands they like, indicating a distinct drop in brand loyalty. However, with brand loyalty down, now is your chance to improve your own and build relationships with those looking for a business they can connect with.

As consumers are being driven to purchase with digital ads and review websites, you need to build a customer base that won’t look elsewhere when they next shop online.

Share the love to build the love!

When it comes to building that much-needed love between your brand and your consumer, it hinges on what your business offers in return for their custom. We have seen incredibly successful businesses be built from the ground up purely by providing advice and expertise. Take Money Saving Expert, Martin Lewis, the self-made millionaire, is a sharer of tips on saving money. In return for his information, his clients invest their contact details for him to market to them in the future. It’s a win for the customer and the business, and that’s how it works.

So, how can you get your customers to keep coming back?

Well, one of the most popular ways to create repeat custom is by offering a loyalty scheme to your current consumers. There are lots of different ways you can go about rewarding loyalty, think about those little Tesco, Morrisons and Asda cards that you have attached to your keys. Whatever the brand chooses to call it, that loyalty card is what drives you to a specific store, whether it’s for reduced prices or offers on secondary products.

The beauty of a well-executed loyalty scheme is that your business can create additional purchases by simply presenting offers. For example, if your eCommerce website has a system where people receive rewards based on their spending, they will likely spend more or come back again to make the most of that reward. So, if your company offers a, let’s say a 25% discount code when someone has spent £250 with you, it’s a possibility that to use the code, the consumer will purchase more to reach that amount.

Ironically you can create loyalty by being loyal.

Branding at Create8

As branding specialists, we understand what it takes to stand out from the crowd and create a loyal and engaged customer base. At Create8, we work alongside each of our clients to help support them in their journey and create an unforgettable experience for their customers.

With tonnes of experience, knowledge and innovative thinking, we are a branding agency with the edge on the competition. No matter the size of the project you have lined up, we have all of the skills to help your business thrive. Follow the link below to take a look at some of our recent jobs.

Your price is important, but it’s not everything!

With economic uncertainty comes the need to save money, as almost 50% of the global digital market claim to spend time looking for a bargain; your price is, of course, pretty important. However, just because you are offering a product at the cheapest rate doesn’t mean that you will immediately build brand loyalty based on that price.

A great price will get tongues wagging and build your brand advocacy, but a premium, high quality product will create a long term relationship that a price alone can not.

Adapting to build loyalty

The eCommerce world we have inherited is one that is incredibly unstable. With changes in rules and regulations directly affecting how businesses can operate, those looking to thrive have no choice but to adapt.

The travel sector is one that has been hit harder than most by the pandemic. Consumers are now actively looking for things that had never been previously on the list of priorities. This new consumer behaviour has changed the sector’s landscape as a whole.

In order to build brand loyalty, businesses had to adapt to suit the new needs of the customer. For example, having accessible travel regulations information and someone to talk to for those worrying about how rule changes could affect their holiday.

Being agile involves being able to deviate from a plan to make your business offering fit the needs of the consumer.

Make it feel like Harrods

Of course, Harrods isn’t for everyone; it’s almost offensively large and getting lost is a given unless you’re a London socialite. However, Harrods offers an unrivalled experience, and that’s why people love to shop there.

It’s a given that popular places to shop create brand loyalty; this is due to the customer receiving a fantastic experience as well as excellent products. Whether that hinges on the service they receive or the premium shop fittings, whatever it is, it keeps people coming back. The tricky job for eCommerce brands is replicating that experience online; however, we have a few tips.

Understand your audience. If you know what brands they like, you will have more of an idea of how your website should look and feel.
Add personalised touches. A handwritten thank you card will take all of two seconds for you to write out, but it could create a memorable touchpoint for your customer.
Bespoke packaging. Those eyewatering-ly yellow Selfridges bags are popular for a reason! Make your packaging stand out regardless of whether it lands on a doorstep or in your customer’s hands.
The truth is, despite the depletion of the high street, people still love the emotion that shopping evokes in them, and their experiences are pivotal for return custom. Even in the food sector, artisan businesses are building brand loyalty by personalising their deliveries to make them feel a little more special. As mentioned above, a note doesn’t take long, regardless of how busy you are.

Brand loyalty is more than repeat custom

Customer retention is something that should be relatively easy, but it primarily comes down to several variables. Of course, increased competition and reduced prices have some say in how successful your business is likely to be; but those things are out of your control.

Across the world of business, there are brands learning how to leverage the brand loyalty their customers show in many different ways. The truth is, loyal customers are much more than repeat sales. By creating loyalty to your brand, you build a group of people who want to see you succeed. They care about you on a personal level which is far more valuable than purchases alone.

By focusing on your influence, you can begin to create something far more memorable than those around you and create that much-needed brand loyalty.
They help you develop new products, understand what your sector needs, and even create marketing campaigns you may not have thought of. By building a community of loyal consumers, you form a group of people who are as good as employees, and brilliantly they will offer their advice purely to see your success.

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In an increasingly physically distant world, your business could be that hug that someone needs. You have the ability to create something special for those who choose to shop with you by simply thinking outside the box.

Customer retention is something that should be relatively easy, but it primarily comes down to several variables. Of course, increased competition and reduced prices have some say in how successful your business is likely to be; but those things are out of your control.

By focusing on your influence, you can begin to create something far more memorable than those around you and create that much-needed brand loyalty.

At Create8, we are a team of innovative designers and creators who prioritise the success of each of our clients. We have made our name by breaking conventions and thinking outside the box.

By putting the focus on the innovative and the thought-provoking, we have been able to help our clients build customer loyalty that lasts are longer than a Game of Thrones Winter.

So, what are your next steps? If you have a business you are waiting to launch and need a champion team of creatives; you’ve come to the right place. Or, if your business is struggling to generate the brand loyalty it deserves, you’re in safe hands!

Get in touch with us today. The sooner we can get to work, the sooner you’ll have an unforgettable brand.

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