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For this edition of ‘our voice’, we’re interviewing Pete and Alex, the directors of Manchester creative agency, Create8. Talking all things lockdown, how the company, as well as the sector, has reacted and how Create8 will be moving forward post-lockdown.

How has lockdown treated you as a creative agency?

A: As we’re in the digital sector, we’ve been able to continue working as usual from our own homes. Naturally, we saw a drop-off initially as no business was really prepared for this situation, but once our customers found their way around the problems, the work picked up again.
P: I would largely second what Alex said; it’s something you can’t plan for. At the very beginning we found it difficult with projects cancelling, but our team always works together to come up with solutions to make things work. It’s been a complete switch up in terms of running projects while working remotely, but we’ve managed fantastically.


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Are there any lessons you’ve as a creative agency learnt during the lockdown, which you think will improve the nature of the business in the long run?

P: Honestly, there’s been loads of things; I wouldn’t know where to start. I guess you could sum them all up by ‘expect the unexpected’.
A: I think it’s been really eye-opening how well the team can work remotely. Flexible working arrangements have benefitted us massively, who needs an office!

Do you think it’s cool the way the creative sector has reacted to the global pandemic, as a driving force for change? In terms of NHS related creative pieces.

A: Absolutely, it’s been fantastic. It’s becoming more of a norm for the creative industry to respond to global events. Art makes people happy.
P: It’s been brilliant, hasn’t it, my particular favourite was Davo Howarths NHS piece, if you haven’t seen it, check it out!

Do you feel there will be any detrimental factors on the back of the lockdown which may inhibit the business?

A: I don’t feel there will be any negatives from the back of the lockdown. I think it’s opened up everyone’s eyes to remote working and I believe employees will have more freedom to work where they want.
P: It’s almost all positives in terms of working. We’re always adjusting our business every day, we’re planning on pushing further along with our useful resources section of the website and really trying to support businesses all over the world.

How do you see post-lockdown panning out for Create8 specifically?

P: We’re going full steam ahead, exactly what was planned before lockdown. We have our plans to grow the business further. We’re looking forward to continuing our excellent relationships with everybody involved.
A: Let’s get cracking, more hard work and more collaboration.

Who is the most in need of a holiday?

P: I think everybody is entitled to a relaxing holiday, whether that being people who have been on furlough or people who have worked all the way through. Especially our amazing NHS! Mentally COVID has affected so many people, and we hope everybody gets through it.
A: I’ll second that, everyone wants and needs a holiday, as long as those NHS frontline staff get one I’m more than happy to get back to work.

Finally, as we have all discovered our creative edge during the lockdown. Is there any advice you would give people looking to get into this sector?

A: Go for it, don’t worry if you can’t do every skill at the same level as someone else. Learning is the most important part; people learn at different speeds and levels, just be you.
P: I would say, you have to be different, you need to catch the business owners attention, stay true to yourself and think big!

If you have read this blog and anything regarding the creative sector interests you feel free to drop us a message, or pop in for a social distanced coffee once we are back in the office.

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We are so proud of our creative team at Create8 and can’t wait to get back together again in the future. For now, we are all working from home in and around Manchester and ready to take on any and all projects! We specialise in branding, web design and digital marketing so why not get in touch to see how we can help your business be the best it can be!

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