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007. Pete, Head of Design and Project Manager (Get to Know)

007. Pete, Head of Design and Project Manager (Get to Know) 780 552 Create 8

What’s your background before joining Create 8?
It’s an odd one really when I was 18 I started off running nightclub events, which quickly became very popular. At that point, I was in college studying graphic design. So it gave me a quick insight into how to design for the music industry as I would design all our event artwork / promotional material, as well as other nightclub events as a freelance designer. Three years into events I started working full time as a graphic designer for an Industrial Door company, my day to day role was to produce online campaigns and traditional advertising. Then came the opportunity to start Create 8 while working alongside Alex, my business partner now.


How would you explain your style of design to a client?
My personal style of design is quite forward thinking and experimental, but I can also design in a very simplistic but modern style. It all depends on the clients project.


How long have you been in the design industry?
To be honest, I can’t remember not being involved in the design industry, whether that being a freelancer or working within a company. It’s been a massive part of my life.


What makes you stand out from other designers?

I think my forward-thinking style, but also my knowledge of different industries. I always try and go above and beyond for every client, I probably give too much information away at times! But that’s the type of person I am, I like to help a company grow and if my advice can do a little bit of that, then I’m always here to help!


Do you have a preference for projects you work on?

I like forward-thinking projects. Something that gets your creativity flowing, it’s always nice to start fresh with a company, looking at the branding from the beginning you have an input into the way the business looks as a whole. For example, the Mountain Joe’s brand.


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