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We chatted to Pete, our head of branding to discuss important things to consider when starting your branding journey.

How do you start a new branding project? 🖥️

To start a branding project we advise creating a branding brief, you can do this by visiting www.create8.co.uk/start-a-project – This will give us a good understanding of exactly what you would like so that we can all start on the same page.

Branding isn’t just your logo, a logo is small part of your brand identity which relates to your overall brand. I would highly advise doing the full branding process rather than just a logo because it aligns your company in every visual way possible. It gives your company a purpose, where you stand in the industry and gives it that much needed personality. You can also have brand guidelines created to ensure your company always stays aligned.

What is a brand guidelines document and why is it useful? 📝

Brand Guidelines are basically a book of do’s and don’ts that your brand abides by, it keeps everybody in alignment when creating anything new for your company. These typically consist of Logos do’s and don’t’s, colour palettes, fonts to use, design parameters, brand mission and vision statements, personality and photography styles. It all depends on how much is needed for your companies brand guidelines, pick and choose what is important to you.

Why should your brand have a tone of voice? 💬

If your brands tone of voice is different within everything you do, you’re going to confuse your customers; are you formal, informal, down to earth, factual or handing out banter? It’s important to have one set tone of voice that your brand uses. A tone of voice helps your brand feel alive, builds authority, makes you unique and gives your brand a voice…

Why do you need to understand the target market to create a brand? 🧑🏼‍🤝‍🧑🏼

It’s essential to know your target market when creating a brand. All successful brands are created for their target market, not what you think a brand should look like. We like to infuse the two to create something unique but targeted. The branding can be completely different depending on your target market demographic i.e age group, gender, interests etc. You’re not going to create a recruitment company aimed at children are you?


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