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We sat down and chatted with our head of design Pete about packaging design.


What makes a packaging design stand out? 😮

It all depends on what industry your product is in, who your target market are and your brand positioning. Once you understand this, then it’s all about researching the industry and trying to create something that sits well but stirs it up a little, as we call it… challenging the norm!
My biggest tip is to make sure your brand has a story or purpose, that way you can bring elements into the packaging that represent it. This could be down to the finishes on the print, the actual print itself or a certain design style.

What should you do before starting any packaging design? 🤔

Before starting any packaging I advise making sure you’ve researched the industry thoroughly, you don’t want to come up with an idea that’s already been created and then become a knock off of another product. Make sure you’ve taken a look over the rules and regs to do with your industry and collate all the relevant information you need to put on your packaging.

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When printing packaging, would you recommend any processes or finishes? 📄

Again, it depends on the purpose of your brand, but something I highly recommend is looking into trying to make your packaging as eco-friendly as possible. This is usually a little bit more expensive than normal packaging but it gives your brand a brilliant ethos.

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When it comes to packaging, are there any rules or guidelines designers should follow? 📜

All industries have different guidelines you must abide by and it is really important that you do so! The last thing you want is somebody having an allergic reaction because you thought one ingredient wasn’t important to mention. Everything should be noted in bold and visible to the customer reading the product. You can find the guidelines to packaging here if you are outside the UK, take a look at your governments website.

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Why is it so important to think about eco-friendly packaging? 🌍

We all have a role to play in helping the planet, as designers we always recommend going down this route first. If you’re unfamiliar with eco-friendly packaging; it’s trying to use 100% recycled and/or recyclable materials, minimising the production process, using local manufacturers to improve the carbon footprint and making sure the packaging can be reused again. We understand that it can be costly to do so, therefore I would then advise to be as green as possible.

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Packaging Design can be difficult, especially if you don’t have the expertise! If you would like help with your packaging design, our packaging design agency can help you!