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Wow, a flash and it’s gone! Christmas, New Year and 2020 as a whole. So strap in because 2021 is going to be a huge one in the world of business, don’t ask how we know. It’s a Haley Joel Osment in Sixth Sense kind of thing! The one takeaway from 2020 was that we were all taught the importance of what’s around us and we can’t help feel a rekindled love affair with life. So here is our last month in digital for 2020, December.

End of year review ⭐

2020 was the year that TikTok provided its services to lift all our spirits. As we sat at home twiddling our thumbs and thinking of things to do after our one allotted ‘exercise’ outing, we all stumbled upon TikTok. From Grandads doing dance crazes to couples pranking each other, it was brilliant. In late December, TikTok offered their yearly overview of all the videos that made us so happy throughout the year and we loved it.

If you have ever been one of those envious Apple Music users who watches your Spotify using friends upload their end-of-year stats. You no longer had to be jealous. That is unless you don’t use TikTok either, then you’re pretty much stuck.

Google returns more results 🔎

Following on from the success of TikTok, the end of December also brought news that Google was testing a new way to offer more search results. Which we didn’t think possible! But it’s true, the testing had begun.

Google jumped onto the short-form video craze and added TikTok and Instagram Reels results into specific search terms. Is this brilliant? Can you think of the number of times you’ve been unable to find a video after telling all your friends about it? Google may just be able to fix that problem.

This news will also have implications on your content approach for 2021 if short-form is the new long-form. Then it’s time we all rush to produce great short-forms for 2021.

Instagram keeps us alert ⚠️

In the middle of the month, as cases of Covid-19 began to grow once more across the world, Instagram reminded us to remain vigilant. In all areas where the illness was on the rise, Instagram inserted alerts at the top of the page reminding us to keep our masks on and who to contact if we needed more information.

We know another rise is the last thing anyone wanted to hear. But knowing that the companies who dominate so much of our time were also going out of their way to keep us informed was nice to see. Good job Insta, good job.

All-time high for video calls 🤳

We love to end on a positive! It’s been announced that the number of video calls made on New Years Eve 2020 reached an all-time high on both Facebook and WhatsApp. If there’s anything 2020 taught us, it was appreciation. Reach out to those you love and let them know. Speak to those who you haven’t seen enough of and guess what, let them know too.

If there is a takeaway from the year we want to forget it’s that we are all in this together and that’s the way we should move forwards, together, as one.

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Just to say thanks for reading our last month in digital blogs throughout 2020! We like to keep our dedicated readers in the know and offer a little extra from your everyday web design and digital marketing agency.

We are proud of the content we put out and hope some of it can be of use to you. Let’s see what the first month of the new year brings, it’s time to get excited because the digital and social media companies will be coming on strong, and we’re ready!

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