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Remember, remember, the whole of November? As businesses drum up hype in their latest products, as families prepare for the most expensive month of the year, the digital sector is moving faster than ever before. Each year as the Christmas marketing campaigns pour in and the winter wind litters the streets with warm hearts. The online world becomes a wildfire, of excitement, advancement and happiness. So here it is, last month in digital November 2020.

I want to see this 👍

Just in time for Christmas, as if by magic. All the elves at Instagram HQ have brought us a keyword search option. Just what we’ve been waiting for in the digital sector! This is like the ‘five gold rings’ moment in the Twelve Days of Christmas, pure excitement. What this means for everyday users is that now we can search for the content we want to see based on purely keywords, which let’s be honest makes it a million times easier.

This is also particularly interesting for the businesses who want to be seen on Instagram, which is pretty much everyone. This now means that our captions and the specific details of every post are more important than ever. Instagram has said that for now keyword searches will be limited to the most popular keywords that fall within their guidelines. However, they have also mentioned that the results will be ranked on relevance, use of keywords and the time the post was made. This makes marketing on Instagram a little more strategic again. We can’t wait to see where this one goes.

Twitter joins the gang 🤳

Ok, so who doesn’t love a Christmas day story? a quick post to all your followers saying, ‘hope you have a great day’ or more likely to show off your presents. Well, this year for the first time, you can share that same love on Twitter! Yes, you heard us, Twitter has joined the story sector. Well, in their case they are calling them ‘Fleets’, which we have no problem with, as long as they know we will be calling them Twitter stories once their back is turned.

‘Fleets’ is the newest story addition to social media, this time Twitter has joined the party and will be particularly interesting within the celebrity community. It feels like this step is a big one for Twitter, but with Fleets being debated on Twitter as great or pointless, did they choose the wrong change to make? The platform has always seemed pretty content at doing what it does. Is now the time for Twitter to step out of the shadows and be noticed again?

Vanishing act 👻

It seems that disappearing chat hasn’t had its day, as Facebook Messenger introduces vanish mode. So, secrecy is back on the menu as Facebook has brought vanish mode into their platform. Basically, the conversation you were having disappears once you leave the chat. For some reason we are picturing a group of girls in pink on a Wednesday, chatting away in vanish mode. Helping you plan a surprise gift to a friend or a secret party, we’re sure you’ll find a way to utilise vanish mode.

TikTok on the clock…but the party don’t stop no ✅

Another month following the question will TikTok be banned or not, the fun-for-all app is still here. What’s more, it’s still moving forward, reinventing its uses and keeping us all happy through Lockdown 2 the sequel. In November, digital company TikTok introduced a non-profit organisation feature, where creators can share something which they hold dear on their profiles and have links to methods of donations. Great move TikTok! In the time of giving, sharing a little to benefit those who really need it will go a long way. A genuinely positive November digital improvement.

All this and a recent report shows that TikTok will reach over 1 Billion users in 2021. What an amazing journey! On a personal level we want to thank TikTok for all the lockdown fun it brings to the world. In a time of loneliness, the platform makes us cry with laughter and attempt ridiculous dance crazes with our grandparents. Oh and it made Jason Derulo loads more money, he’s probably pretty thankful too.

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We hope you enjoyed this edition of ‘Last Month in Digital’. Why not take a look through our website, check out our work, read some other blogs, and come back in January for the December edition.

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