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After the ups-and-downs of 2020 are you considering putting some eggs in some baskets in 2021 but can’t decide which basket? Let’s take a look at which sectors are the ones that are likely to strive to success in 2021. From gaming to gardening, transport to toys, let’s look at what sectors are likely to continue onwards and upwards in 2021.

Best place to start… 🚦

The best place to start is to address the current behaviours and emotions towards business sectors. The climate of 2020 created a strange and troubling lifestyle for some. Whilst others thrived and will continue to do so in 2021. We know this is pretty similar every year in business, but due to Covid 19, those financial worries and successes have been exasperated. So look who is doing well right now and assess whether there is longevity in those sectors. Here are some ideas from us based on research from 2020.

Online teaching 🤓

The school gates slammed shut in 2020, we saw a mass-influx in providers of online teaching courses and software. Up and down the country, mums and dads were taking up the mantel as an educator, and it was the companies in the online teaching sector who helped children stay sharp and focused, and, of course, profited from doing so.

If the forecast for 2021 is accurate, we are to expect further success within the sector. The beauty of the online teaching sector is that, now parents across the country have bought into the idea of educating at home, it becomes more of an everyday choice than it used to be. If they utilised companies, parents are more likely to stick with the one used during the first lockdown as they will have built a relationship with the brand, as it provided normality in times of hardship.

Gaming 🎮

It would be impossible to ignore the gaming sector on the back of 2020, especially as new major consoles have just rolled into town. In a really bizarre way, it’s almost a rival to the online teaching sector. However, rooted deep within the troubles of dragging children from their consoles to make sure they get that daily dose of fresh air, we have developed a love for all things gaming.

It seems to have universalised fun, as parents who have tried playing gaming consoles with their children during lockdown have realised the enjoyment they bring. As if we needed a case to reinforce this… we had a taxi driver just the other day telling us that his children not only play whilst he’s at work but wait longingly for him to come home. Once home he communicates with their family members across the world whilst playing Call of Duty. He also told us he was good, not sure we believe him…

Transport/Deliveries 🚚

We should all be thanking delivery drivers, we wouldn’t have managed so well with life both during and post lockdown without them. Our streets have been visited almost hourly by DPD, DHL, Hermes, Royal Mail, and plenty of other couriers. The sector itself has boomed whilst others have faltered and it’s understandable why.

The necessity to still receive food (and our daily orders) during lockdown meant that someone needed to provide, and provide they did! As our spending continues to move online, the transport and delivery sector will continue to thrive and is a sure thing for 2021.

Digital Marketing 🖥️

Digital marketing seemed to be the sector on more and more peoples lips as 2020 drew to a close. Similarly to the delivery sector, we are spending more online, and as we spend more, businesses also follow the trend as they attempt to capture our attention and drive more sales.

Digital marketers are what businesses need right now and they are hot property in the online sector. If it’s sales you are looking for in 2021 get yourselves in with a digital marketing agency ASAP.

Gardening 🧑‍🌾

Growing up, who didn’t love a bit of gardening TV? Well, if you didn’t you don’t know what you’re missing! Whether it was that teenage crush on Charlie Dimmock or the fact that it seemed to be all our grandparents watched, gardening gets us nostalgic.

During the lockdown, it became everyone’s favourite pastime, even for those who had little to no garden space, as the houseplant sector exploded. So, will those green fingers still be around for 2021? We think so, the aesthetic age is well upon us and green is good, don’t forget it!

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