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We’ve finally reached the time of year where the dreaded C word is no longer classed as a swear. So here it goes, Christmas, Christmas, Christmas. Just wanted to get that out of our system. As you probably know at this time of year it’s essential to get your product on some kind of Christmas most-wanted list. If potential customers are willing to fight over you, like those Christmas revellers will over the first taxi, then chances are you’re going to be a success.

In this blog, we’re putting some thought into how to make it to the top of those most-wanted lists and discuss marketing tactics that could be your secret sales weapon this December.

Build up the hype 🤩

As is often the case, building up hype pre-launch is important when it comes to getting into anyone’s most-wanted list. If you’ve made your product sound and look like it’s something we can’t live without, then we probably won’t want to.

The best place to start building up hype for your product is on social media. We would suggest Instagram, as for little to no spend you can start to interact and drive people towards your content. Having great content already produced is vital, you don’t want to be rushing around last-minute like a headless chicken, trying to cobble together photoshoots.

When it comes to hype, no one does it quite like your customers. You could try gifting your product to a number of sector influencers. This may allow you to gauge the opinion of those in the know, and also could get some UGC for your business. UGC or User Generated Content is content produced for your company by the customer. It saves you money and because it’s from an actual customer, it’s far more believable to other potential customers.

If a customer sees someone they trust using your product, they may consider it too. Believe us, build the hype.

Limit the numbers 🤭

Keeping something limited creates the desire to own a product. In recent years the sneakers market has been one of the biggest advocates of the limited release method. Everyone wants to own something that not everyone else can own. It’s human nature, and it works.

Just look at the recent release of the PS5, people raced to get their hands on the coveted console. Think about how many potential customers you have and what numbers will keep your product desirable in the long run, whilst also being enough to warrant the effort that goes into making the product.

Plan your releases ✅

The key to topping the charts at Christmas is about timing, just ask Simon Cowell, he managed to push pretty average covers to Christmas number one for years. When it comes to the top of the product sales charts, your limited release being should be around a month before Christmas. This allows for the November payday!

Releasing your limited product run in November will also keep people on the edge of their seats if they don’t manage to get hold of your product. If it’s a truly desirable Christmas gift, people will keep trying. So you’ve left plenty of time for that second mid-December release. This strategy gets tongues wagging and will create excitement relief for those who manage to grab one late. Think about the posts, ‘finally got my hands on a —-!’, people who don’t know will start to ask questions…inquisitive people are good for business.

Keep people talking post-release 💬

Keeping people talking once the release has been and gone is one of the hardest parts of the business. Once the hype has disappeared or people have their hands on your product, what is going to keep them talking? Well, the answer isn’t simple and there is no real formula. This largely boils down to how good your marketing team is and how inventive a strategy you can put together.

For example for those who didn’t get the product, the desire to own it will grow even more as they see all the great UGC you are posting. Ask people for reviews as well as images, this will give you a better idea of your ideal demographic and how your product is being received by those who purchased.

For those who managed to get it, start talking about new products, where is the business going next and how is it going to get there? Far too often people expect a Christmas bestseller to turn into a range of products and it just doesn’t! Don’t let that be your product.

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For any marketing or strategy help, we are here for you! We will do whatever we can to get you up-and-running in time for the Christmas rush. We hope you get everything on your Christmas list!

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