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As a design and marketing agency, we already have our 2021 thinking-caps on, and we want to help all those who are building their festivals for next year along the way with our festival marketing advice.

New times, new look ✨

We understand that the graphic and marketing work you had created for this year is may seem wasted, but brand recognition is also a vital part of your marketing strategy. For this reason we urge you to not think about reusing the marketing materials from 2020, use it as your brand recognition campaign for 2020 and let 2021 have it’s own fresh look. Bad times create bad vibes. So, redesign the festival for 2021 and make everything look as fresh and appealing as possible.

Reggae Festival Poster Design

Be seen and heard 🙈🙉

Word of mouth is one of your best friends, as is the hype that circulates around your event both online and offline. From the off with your festival marketing, you should be building the hype-train, so it’s moving at break-neck speed once the new year arrives.

Take a look at Fyre festival, for all the nonsense that came with the empty promises they certainly made people want to be a part of it by a flurry of brilliant marketing. Imagine if you could market that well but actually build an achievable and sustainable event.

People are remote right now, so target them! 🤳

As life slowly returns to a broken form of normality, a large number of people are still working remotely and on their mobile phones, so market to them! Targeted social media marketing is one of the driving forces behind most successful business ventures, especially those aimed at the millennial age bracket. If people are on their phones, then you should be making contact as much as possible, make yourself memorable early and you’ll be off to a great start.

Video content is always engaging to potential customers. Whether that content revolves around educating your customers about the acts you have lined up or simply to spread the word of what you are going to achieve. Keep talking, keep it exciting and continuously market your brilliant brand.

Fresh-faced design 👀

What was suitable this year might not be what people want to see in 2021. The design process can easily be recreated by hiring an agency who are forward-thinking and innovative. Produce something eye-catching to steal the attention of your potential revellers.

In the wake of a pandemic 🧼

As is human nature, people want to remain safe, and the same goes for those visiting your festival. If there is one thing which will stand the test of time as much as the legacy of Covid19, it will be the wariness of the general population. While you are working on resurrecting your festival like a phoenix in 2021, you should always be thinking about the safety of your customers and their wellbeing.

All of the necessary post-lockdown measures regarding health and safety should be abided at your festival. Those who break the rules should understand the severity of doing so. Highlight your seriousness and protect your reputation in the long run as well as keeping yourself protected from any legal issues you could potentially encounter.

As a festival organiser, you should also understand the commitment of those who purchase tickets to your event. With the risk of a second wave of infection, customers should be shown security. Highlight if your ticketing platform guarantees money back. This would encourage potential customers as they would know that the purchase is ideally risk-free.

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When it comes to marketing festivals and events, it is a sector we have long been involved in. We offer an abundance of expertise and knowledge to any prospective project you may have lined up.

If you need any advice for your next festival or event, check out the blogs below and send us a message or give us a call, our branding and marketing team in Manchester is ready to help!