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Engaging website content 🤩

As we hit what feels like day two million of lockdown, amongst the confusion, it seems like a lot of clarity has been shed on the digital marketing sector. We have watched businesses continue to flourish whilst others have faced the peril of these times head-on, and what’s more, we have witnessed first-hand the glue that holds it all together; engagement.

The wide range of business sectors have taken note, and that has led to companies understanding; customers want to feel engaged and involved. At first glance, we’ve seen companies reaching out via email with never-ending sales. Gamification rolled out across apps and websites. Families taking part in quizzes and sharing them across social media, and companies building their library of blogs because people have ample time to read them!

So here’s the vital question, what have you learnt about interactive content during lockdown that will drive your company forwards once it’s all over? Well, Create8 are here to help!

Wanna play a game? 👾

As crazy as it sounds, as businesses, we must acknowledge that everybody loves games. Whether it’s the eighty-year-old grandad who can’t get enough of Professor Layton or the candy crushing infant who smashes her mothers’ phone screen on the 184 bus into town. The Millennials, the kings and queens of the gaming world, who were raised on Sonic and Crash Bandicoot now exist in the world of on-the-go gaming.

Gamers fall into the bracket of those who spend the most money online. If your company isn’t using gamification to engage yet, we advise you take a look.

It’s much simpler than it sounds, we aren’t suggesting you set up a two-person shoot-them-up on your website. Just go for the easy, the obvious and the effective. We recently saw a company using a game that felt incredibly similar to Flappy Bird on their loading screen. It felt like it was there to drive traffic and keep people on the site, but you may not realise this until you’ve been trying to beat your high score for half an hour.

Others have introduced spin wheels to offer different levels of discount randomly to various customers, making the engagement and interaction more memorable to potential customers.

Having all the answers 🤓

When it comes to gamification, the most popular and most straightforward choice for businesses in recent years has been the introduction of quizzes. Social media outlets have integrated the quiz option as a way of not just making your content more engaging but also so companies can gain information about how their customers think.

The beauty of quizzes is that they are flexible, the only boundary is your imagination. So what would be best for your business? Something fun and engaging like a pop culture quiz? Or subtly researching information for your next product or design, for example, which of these do you prefer A or B?

Time to read ⏱️

Engaging content is at an all-time high, so is reading. If you don’t have a blog, we want to know why? Having a blog built into your website is easy work for the web designers out there, and it’s the perfect way to show the personality of your business and place yourself as an industry expert in your field.

Blogs will never truly go out of fashion, so whilst you probably have some spare time…BUILD ONE! Marketing your blog once you’re ready is equally challenging, we would suggest sharing with those who already back your business; customers, friends and family.

Caught on camera 🎥

This moment in time is good for upping your levels of video content. Take what you have already or what you could do from home and post snippets on Instagram or Tiktok, or full length videos on youtube. Videos are brilliant for customer engagement as they require a lot less effort than blogs and can offer information in greater depth. For example, someone showing you how to build furniture is much easier than the numbers and line drawings in the packaging. Similar to your blog content, highlight your personality, show off your sparkly self and make people understand the people behind the business.

Catching data 💡

It’s vital throughout all this that you remember one of the key reasons companies integrate engaging content. Yes, it’s to make them memorable, but would the content exist without data capture? In most cases, probably not! So once you have your game, quiz, blog or video, or preferably all, up and running, make sure you capture everything you can from your potential customers.

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