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2021, the year that promised so much, yet a month in it looks like more of the same. In comparison to lockdown 1.0, we can’t help but notice that business is seemingly booming in a few sectors. The sectors that are thriving are those willing to adapt. In day-to-day business, it’s the chameleon-like nature that is ensuring survival right now.

Changing your colours to suit the world we live in isn’t that easy. If it was, we’d all be doing it, right? The idea of how best to survive in 2021 got us thinking. And we couldn’t look past the success of social media marketing. In particular, the use of Instagram within a business.

So let’s address Instagram shops. Why they are essential to driving success in 2021 and how best to utilise an Instagram shop in your sector.

Why Instagram? 🤔

The world we live in is better tailored for building a business than ever before. We could say ‘success’ but obviously, that isn’t a given, a little hard work, and well, you can pretty much build anything you want in 2021. Instagram is essential to that ability.

Right now, there are over 500 million Instagram users, and 50% of those users follow at least one business. So, you’ve been dealt a royal flush, make sure you use it. In fact, not having an Instagram is like a footballer deciding he doesn’t want to wear boots…madness.

Is having an Instagram account the same as having an Instagram shop? No, it isn’t. Having an account is just the start. Instagram is currently pushing to become a huge player in the eCommerce sector and they show no signs of slowing down. So jump on board and let your business benefit from the ride.

So what are Instagram shops? 🛒

An Instagram shop allows integration of your product catalogue within your Instagram account. This means that you can make the most of several great features on the back of this integration. Firstly your business will have a shop button just below your stories. Allowing your full catalogue of products to be available at a click for all Instagram users.

Having an Instagram shop also allows you to tag all your products in any posts they feature in. This is also usable across all story posts, which is a massive bonus as you can show your products in their full glory and send all potential customers straight to the product to buy.

In each image, you can tag up to five products and you can tag up to twenty per carousel of images. This is an incredible feature and a huge part of Instagrams eCommerce push.

Why are Instagram shops working so well? 🤳

With the integration of shops, Instagram has turned itself into debatably the biggest player in the eCommerce sector. Due to its huge amount of users and undeniable USP’s, other platforms struggle to compete. As they continue to monopolise the sector, Instagram is providing more features to assure they stay ahead. There are two key reasons why Instagram shops have been so successful. Below we have offered some information on both!

Selling within the noise. Social media is a loud and messy place. With the countless distractions ranging from dance crazes to smiling dogs. It has become difficult to drive people away from their favourite platform with clicks to your website. Therefore, selling on the platform itself allows businesses to win the attention of potential customers without having to fight for it.

Instagram shops allow a business to highlight the price of their product on Instagram. Meaning they can make a sale there and then with one click, sending the customer to the corresponding store page.

The second key factor in the success of Instagram shops. Is the ability for a business to showcase their products to a person with high purchase intent. This is done by product tagging and using relevant and helpful hashtags. The Instagram algorithm picks up your hashtags and shows those which best suit a person’s purchase history in their new shopping explore tab.

The explore tab is a fantastic way to get your products noticed by those who are likely to buy it. A savvy marketer can make your content valuable within your sector and drive potential sales through this avenue.

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At Create8 we are big believers in providing digital innovation and business solutions. Whether it’s a complete marketing package or content creation we are a flexible and forward-thinking agency with the needs of our clients at heart.

We have integrated Instagram shops for some of our eCommerce clients. If you want to talk about how we can help your business in 2021. Get in touch, we love a challenge and can’t wait to hear from you.

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