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During the chaos of 2020, it was the eCommerce sector that thrived against adversity. Twenty-Twenty was a year that rocked the business world to its core. As the pandemic washed across the globe, the infrastructure of countless sectors crumbled. As we sit reminiscing, it’s important to remember that for us to move forwards, we must stay ahead of the unpredictable.

Before 2020, ‘expect the unexpected’ was a statement reserved for horror films, but now it’s the only way a business can learn to thrive once more. Those businesses who invested heavily in their digital presence have survived to tell the tale. With the initial forecast for 2021 to bring us more of the same, it’s pivotal that businesses start to think about how to make eCommerce work for them in the coming year.

Get social 🤳

If your business isn’t already overly active on social media, the Christmas period is the perfect time to start. As many sectors take time off to enjoy the festivities, social media is packed with people all wanting to sniff out a bargain and interact with each other. So, if you have been neglecting any of your platforms, re-visit them now, trust us it’ll be worth it in 2021.

Social media will be the key to driving the traffic that is essential to your website. Being active, sharing relevant and insightful content and highlighting what you have to offer, is a necessity in 2021. As they say, ‘you’ve got to be in it to win it’ so if you’re not posting, how are you going to win the battle for eCommerce sales?

Experience is key 💡

Having seen what a huge success the world of eCommerce was in the past year, expect fireworks in 2021 and not just on new years eve. The businesses who achieved healthy growth will want more, and those who missed out will be fighting to claw back into their respected sectors.

So, what can you expect and what should you be doing as a business next year? eCommerce in 2021 is going to be all about the experience. User experience is something all good web designers should have in mind throughout building and restructuring websites. The journey through your website should be simple and enjoyable. The customer needs to find what they are looking for easily and be lead in a tactful and tasteful way to purchase.

However, with more businesses focusing on UX, how can yours stand out? Well, in 2021 it won’t be all about shiny new pieces of technology. Due to the uncertainty of 2020 and fear of the unknown. Instead, you would be better investing your time into clean looking, aesthetically pleasing user experience.

2021 is calling for blank canvas pages, with large open spaces and calming design elements. The customer wants safety and subtle hints of peace. Give them what they deserve, because it’s likely that 2020 was a pretty rough year for them too.

The online-offline exchange 🌐

When assessing 2020 a key figure was the rise in online shoppers purchasing things they hadn’t previously. For example, most people’s food-shops have moved to eCommerce because of the full national lockdown enforced earlier in the year. As well as food, we are flocking to buy hygiene and health products, highlighting that necessity is driving our online behaviour. However, it is user experience that will keep customers coming back, rather than reverting to their old behaviour once restrictions are lifted or change.

So, here’s the key, your business has to feel like an in-person retail outlet…online. We know it sounds complicated but if it’s eCommerce domination that you’re looking for in 2021, then listen up! The key parts of the online to offline exchange are evoking the emotion that comes from walking around shops and being able to replicate the experience.

Digitally viewing products 👓

The emotion that people feel from shopping in a physical location is a difficult one, as we know you can’t just hang a fancy chandelier up on your website to complement your luxurious products. However, with an elegantly designed website, customers can aesthetically attribute value to your product. So, think about the relationship between your products and the website itself. Would you buy a Rolex from a website which looked like a toy shop? We are guessing not!

With eCommerce in 2021, the ability for people to fully immerse themselves in your website is important. If a shopper heads into the nearest shopping centre, they can physically see and feel the products they are buying. Of course, this will always be a problem in the eCommerce sector. But, with the implementation of augmented reality (AR), customers are able to ‘try on’ clothing products virtually. It’s a little far-fetched we know, but if it could work for your business, it is definitely worth looking into in 2021.

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If anything, you have read about the world of eCommerce in 2021 is of interest or if you have any questions for us, feel free to get in touch! We love a good convo, and we are always here for businesses looking to take their eCommerce to the next level.

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