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Instagram could be the perfect tool

With over a fifth of the world currently sharing snippets of their day-to-day life on Instagram, the app has quickly become the go-to for developing a successful brand or business. With everything from aesthetically pleasing pets, moments of perfect holiday scenery and selfies of flawless outfits, Instagram really is a one-stop-shop for everything photography related. However, behind these perfectly structured images are individuals often referred to as ‘influencers’ who are making obscene amounts of money as their brands begin to sore. So could it be time to start perfecting your personal brand?

Be authentic

Well firstly, and we can’t stress this enough…be authentic! People can smell lies a mile off, even through the screen of a mobile phone and those who matter are far more likely to endorse your honesty. Therefore if you’re a snappy dresser, stay that way. If you’re a bookworm, yes you guessed it, stay that way, and if you enjoy taking pictures of your food before you eat it…you get the point. An authentic image will always carry more weight than one that’s aimed to please. So, make sure you know your brand inside out before seeking help with its growth.


Grow as you show

Be prepared to learn about yourself along the way. We know it sounds obvious, but as on any journey there will be things you pick up as you go, so we would recommend being open-minded. Lessons are littered within social media platforms and it’s your job to work out what works best for you. It’s the little things that will really hold the most weight, for example, which hashtags will drive that all-important engagement through the roof and at what time of the day does your content perform best? There is no secret formula when it comes to these kinds of questions, but that being said the sooner you work out the answers the better.


You’ll soon find your feet and once you do, your theme will become evident. There will be a certain way that you capture images and it’s vital that you maintain this style. Your theme is your marketability and brand within the social media sector. Having a feed on Instagram that flows is pivotal to success, whether it’s based on the repetition of colour, style of photo or the contents of the image. Do you, do it again and then do it some more.


Engagement is the key figure when it comes to running a successful personal brand, it is important to not fall in with the hordes who feel that number of followers alone is important…it honestly isn’t! Your rate of engagement in its most simple form is the amount of likes/comments you receive on each post against the number of followers you have. So, think about engaging with the content of other people in your sector, build relationships and prioritise your followers who actively appreciate your content.