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In business, tone of voice is something that’s constantly overlooked and often undervalued. While branding and marketing are heavily invested in, businesses continue to reach out to potential and existing customers without putting thought or consistency into the wording and execution of their message.

Neglecting your business’ tone of voice can lead to creating a brand that people can’t connect to. This can create a negative brand experience for people who receive or see your posts, meaning the possible loss of sales and earnings in the long run.

Judging a book by its cover 📚

When it comes to the creation of online written content, it’s inevitable that you will be judged by what you offer. In most cases, this could be the first few lines of a two-thousand-word blog. Sometimes you have as little as the title. Which means you have very limited time to capture your audience’s attention and drive clicks to your website.

So, think outside the box. Scope the interests of your audience and make sure you place your content in all the right places. A poem on a toilet wall is after all only something to those who need the toilet.

Tone dependant on sectors 🎤

Any good content writer will tell you that your tone should differ depending on the sector you’re writing for. This is because different sectors have varying demographics. For example, if you’re a t-shirt company with a mature audience, you should avoid using slang. Whereas if you are a gaming supplement company aiming at an 18-30’s market placement, certain abbreviations may build your rapport with the demographic.

Having your own voice 🗣️

Although we believe in varying your tone dependant on your sector, it’s still essential that your business has its own voice. You shouldn’t sound like everyone else, otherwise, your content is only as valuable as theirs.

Play around with the way your content feels, it should sit impeccably on your website and social feeds. Don’t go from a calming tone to one that’s erratic and uncontrolled. This will put off potential customers as they try to figure out who your company is.

Developing your voice 📖

Tweaking written content is far more difficult than it sounds. To someone who assesses the quality of their content, changing one sentence can mean changing the whole blog post.

When developing your voice, it can take months of writing to find something you like and works for your business. Create engaging content from the start! Using a professional copywriter saves you time so you can continue to run and grow your business.

It’s important to remember that if you employ a web designer to design your website, they will have learnt their trade over several years. The same goes for a copywriter, it takes time to become an expert. So when it comes to content and voice, we recommend making the most of someone else’s skills.

How important is new content? 📰

New content is essential in business, if you aren’t posting regularly on social media, you look like an inactive company. The same goes for only uploading a blog once every few months, it’s pretty much pointless.

It’s important to remember that blogs drive people to your website, meaning that you increase your chances of making sales. They also improve your SEO rating, as each blog can be tailored to feature key search terms for your sector. Meaning your rank within the major search engines will improve drastically. Remember that your tone of voice builds your brand, and no one wants to be remembered as the company who doesn’t appeal to people.

If you can’t maintain consistency throughout, we would advise leaving it altogether. Running a blog takes commitment from everyone involved and building up the tone of your company is hard work.

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At Create8 we provide solutions for all business branding needs. The production of fantastic SEO enriched content is just one of our many skills. If you want to know more about anything you’ve read above or if you want to talk about how we can help you, simply give us a call today!

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