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As hoards of hungry, locked-down fuelled foodies rush to the city centre. As a restaurant owner, you should be taking the opportunities this scheme offers. We want nothing more than some good grub and a night that evokes some emotion. Honestly, anything more than the four walls of our houses will do. Whatsmore is the government has blessed us, as this month saw the launch of the ‘eat out to help out’ scheme.

The scheme itself is to encourage the rebuilding of the tourism and hospitality sectors. It’s understandable; it’s a breath of fresh air and it’s something that your eatery should be marketing!

Are you ready? 👩‍🍳

This is a poignant time for the hospitality sector. It’s one that is unstable and unpredictable. Although, recent local lockdowns, and wearing a mask indoors, seemingly doesn’t apply to eateries. Those who look at the previous months as a learning curve and the current climate as a stepping stone will be the ones who thrive the most.

For what seemed like forever, none of us had stepped out of our houses. That makes your neon signs, perfect for Instagram pictures and the idea of avoiding another home-cooked meal, an irresistible adventure. The way you make each potential customer feel will resonate much louder in the long run. So start thinking about how you can evoke emotion.

Who is the winner? 🏅

Here’s some food for thought. It’s essential to remember that the ‘eat out to help out’ support is for your sector, despite the obvious benefits falling in the lap of the customer. So, if your bonus is increased numbers of customers, you really should be marketing to get those people through the door. The winner is the industry itself, but only if the eatery can put bums on seats. So how can you do that? It really is all down to marketing strategy.


Hard copy marketing 👀

It’s important to remember that in these confusing times, people may have forgotten that ‘eat out to help out’ exists. So, remind them time and time again until they can’t forget. Hard copy marketing is something that will always have its benefits in the hospitality sector. Whether you choose to put up posters advertising the savings which can be made, or you decide to flyer your city. The second option may take more thought due to social distancing. In our opinion, every piece of your marketing should have the ‘eat out’ logo and slogan on.

109. Restaurant Branding Advice and Tips

Digital marketing 💻

Having spent the past six months online, it’s pretty inevitable that the majority of your potential custom is still online. Your business should be digital marketing to its heart’s content. Market the ‘eat out to help out’ campaign in every way possible. Social media posts both paid and organic may drive that extra footfall to your restaurant instead of a competitor, and that’s vital.

Potential customers may choose to visit an eatery that sends out an email advertising the discounts on offer. The other may be a walk-in because they were hungry and saw the hard-copy poster outside. Do you see our point? Marketing will genuinely allow your potential customers to see what makes your business the best choice. After all, most eateries are involved, so the competition is everywhere.

How Socials Can Help Your Bar or Restaurant Marketing

Consider the regulations 👍

The final thing to think about is social distancing regulations. And how you manage to get those people through the door without breaking the rules. Well, as web designers, we love this question. Why? Because a great website is the best way to make sure you’re adequately full, without being ‘too’ full. An integrating booking system can allow customers to book in advance, knowing they will still be able to make the most of the discounted food and not have to sit in the car. Smart websites make businesses smarter. A more intelligent business makes more money. Our only advice would be, on the days you think customers will need to book, advise them to do so. No eatery wants to leave a negative impact with a potential returning customer.

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It’s a tough time for many businesses, that’s why it’s important to keep on top of your digital marketing when you can! For any restaurant marketing advice, for a chat, or even if you are looking for our suggestions on places to eat! Give our friendly Manchester agency a call! We love a challenge, a conversation and a coffee. Socially distanced, of course.

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