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Restaurant branding is vital for bringing customers in and keeping them coming back, if they know who you are as a company immediately, they’re more likely to consider what you have to offer. It’s true that in certain industries you have to fight that little bit harder to get those much needed paying customers through the door. Finding the way to someone’s heart has never been easy, but finding the way to someone’s stomach is close to impossible. So, how is it that some restaurants fail miserably, whilst others are jam-packed week in, week out?

Well when it comes to striking a chord with your potential customers, and we may be saying this on repeat, your heart and soul should be in your branding. We mean everything. From the colour of your seating to the food that hits the plate, the font of your logo to the positioning of your advertisements. Basically, everything should be looked at with your branding. Let’s break it down.

Give me a sign! ⚠️

What does your signage say about you? Is it bold and out there to match the punchy flavours of your cuisine? Or is simplicity the key, strong tastes and well-sourced ingredients? Your signs and branding mean more to people than you would expect.

Just think back to those first impressions you got from a person that you really warmed to and then think of the neighbour who wouldn’t return your ball, who would you rather spend time with? Well, of course, the maths isn’t that simple, but you have a limited amount of time to gain the attention of those much-needed customers. So you’d better be memorable and leave a great first impression.

Our advice, be edgy but never forget or neglect what you and your branding stands for. A neon sign followed by a classic pub vibe is confusing. Be you, but do it well.

Image shows the branding for BOX3

Utilise your space with branding 👌

You’re running out of places to put your logo or your latest offers and events for the month? Think again! Clever promotional placements offer you more opportunities to remind people of what they are missing out on if they take their business elsewhere. We’re talking about those ‘coming up this month’ style posters that adorn the back of toilet doors across the city. Well, those posters hold more weight than you’d expect. When we have nothing better to do, what do we do… read them, and most of the time we’ll take the information in. Make sure you’re using them to your advantage!

Ensuring your brand continues to be clear to your new customers is important, so make every ‘designed’ item you have consistent! Beer mats, menus, the signs around the bar, the A5 printed specials menu! Make sure you don’t go the full hog on your signage and then half-arse your menus. Customers will be looking at your menu for longer than they’d be looking at your sign, keep them interested even after they’re inside and sat down. These items are a chance for your bar/restaurant to stand out, whether that’s by personalisation or doing something quirky and entirely off-the-wall.

Image shows the branding for Bonnie & Clyde on a hanging sign

Give them a deal 🎟️

Let’s be honest everyone wants something for nothing, but when that isn’t an option, make them an offer they can’t refuse. In general, those who believe they’re getting a bargain are more likely to give you a chance. Just make sure you impress them once they’re in.

Making the most of annual events is an absolute must in the restaurant sector, whether it’s ‘Mums get a free glass of champagne’ on Mother’s Day or it’s ‘2-for-1 on Vegan dishes’ during veganuary. Make the calendar, and the relevant offers work for your eatery.

We are not saying you should only offer discounts annually, but it’s an excellent place to start. However, as you see more and more high-street competition popping up, maybe all-year-around loyalty cards for those who believe in your brand, will be the answer to holding on to your nearest and dearest. As technology changes the way we do things, we see apps like Manchester Confidential paving the way for those savvy eatery bargain hunters. Could your restaurant benefit from a relationship with a money-saving app?

Step out of the Stone Age 🤳

You wouldn’t believe the number of companies who still haven’t quite got to grips with the brilliance of tech.

Anyone in the hospitality sector should invest in an online booking system. People want to know they can put the booking to the back of their mind; an online system like OpenTable could really benefit your business. You don’t want to put anyone off who can’t be bothered with a phone call to a loud restaurant. Being on a website like OpenTable means you’re more likely to be found when searching online.

And finally, if you aren’t advertising on social media these days, are you advertising at all? We recommend implementing a social media advertising campaign into your budget. People are constantly sat on their phones and guess what, a lot of us are thinking about our next meal. So show off your branding, wave your delicious food in our faces, make us book our next date night and make us do it now!

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