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Saturday, 4th July marked the return of the ‘fun’ sector as we know it, and by ‘fun’ we mean, restaurants, bars, clubs, eateries etc. Our weekend haunts might not be how we remember them, and the new versions may feel a little more zombie apocalypse than we recall; nonetheless, the food and drink sector is back, but is your restaurant marketing up to scratch?

Whilst countless bars and restaurants rushed to prepare themselves for what inevitably felt a whole lot like New Year’s Eve, it’s the social distancing rules and the reduced permitted entry that could drag out the sector suffering. Let’s discuss how social media marketing could be the secret to success in this incredibly testing period.

Turning up 👋

It’s no secret that social media is a bar or restaurant’s best friend, yet many seem tentative to join the party. Within the food and drinks sector, if you don’t turn up to a party, you’ll forever have that fear of missing out. In the world of social media restaurant marketing, fashionably late is missed opportunities, so make sure your eatery has its own presence, and it’s ready to win over those prospects.

Strike us a pose 💃

Your drinks are cute, your food is cute, your decor is cute, your customers…well, you get the point. So why don’t you have countless photos going up on instagram and why aren’t you pushing out more content before that big opening night?

The key to all that content production is UGC; user-generated-content. UGC is vital in the social media marketing sector, any brilliant destination is only as perfect as the customers remember it, and sometimes that memory revolves around the images they captured. So, how can you use this to your advantage? Reach out to customers, ask if you can use the photos you have been tagged in and post them to your followers. Let everyone see how wonderful others think you are, rather than telling them yourself. Just make sure you get permission first!

Turning tables 🙋

Social media is a brilliant tool for gauging popularity and understanding your customer base. At least it can be for the businesses who understand it. So here’s a thought; why not run Q and A sessions across one of your platforms. Offer your loyal followers options, maybe to suggest a new theme, drink or dish. See what they are looking for after such a long time away and fully understand how you can deliver that experience flawlessly.

This can be a clean slate for many businesses in the sector, so if you want to freshen something up or change it entirely, now is the time. The market has changed, and right now people are looking for the right place to test the new waters, make the most of it.

Give a little 🎁

You may have noticed those social media savvy folk have already been filling your feed with giveaways, and each free meal someone could potentially win sounds more delicious than the last. But just because it’s already being done doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be doing it too! Everyone wants something for nothing and the idea of an experience, not putting a dent in your wallet is something even more appealing. If you can, think outside of the box. Use different forms of giveaways; maybe you could challenge people to be creative to win the prize or ask for retweets, shares, comments, etc. Either way, giveaways are a win and if you’re doing one, let us know!

The time is now… 🕰️

The social creatures who previously spent weekends taking up the city’s dance floors will return, and this time they’re coming from a social sabbatical. We understand that no one really knows what to expect, but your preparation is key to making those memories tangible. After all, as a business owner, we think someone wanting to spend their first escape at your establishment is a pretty fantastic sign of how great you are.

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