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When it comes to building a Clothing Brand, there are countless decisions to be made

Shockingly most of those aren’t actually based around the items of clothing themselves. The fashion sector is split into functioning micro-sectors and each one has its own approaches and nuances.

For example, if you are looking at manufacturing jewellery, brands tend to focus on price-point. Whereas if you are a designer of swimwear, the product needs to be far more fit-for-purpose and therefore quality is paramount.

When we help create clothing brands, we use our wealth of experience and industry insight to create a brand that we know people will embrace. Within this page, we will talk you through some of the key things to get right, and some of the clothing-based questions we are asked.

So, whether you’re looking for someone with an eye for detail and sector know-how. Or a team of fearless creatives who strive to push boundaries to create stand-out projects. You’re in safe hands with us. Let’s discuss how we can help.

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Brand – The best are remembered in different ways by different people.

The clothing sector is incredibly fickle and on your journey to build a brand, you must bear this in mind. Not everyone will like what you do, you have to appreciate that and move on. Building a great brand will help you be remembered in the long run by those who matter.


The first step on the branding ladder is research and strategy. Researching your competitors and your business itself is part of the fully inclusive package we offer. We need to understand what makes you and your clothing brand special, as do you as a business owner. Once we understand this we can move on to the strategy.

Brand Strategy

Brand strategy within the clothing sector allows a business owner to forecast growth and any potential pitfalls that could occur. Planning your journey is beneficial in the long run as it will help formulate deadlines.

Having a brand strategy also means understanding your demographic/target
market, eg who you are going to sell too. For example, Pretty Little Thing use brash pinks and bold fonts to sell their brand to a younger, fast-fashion generation. Whereas Dior uses softer hues and more classic fonts. It’s important to know who you are selling to and why, or you could spend a lot of money and generate very few sales.

Your Brand’s Voice

In a fashion brand, your voice is also important. The way you address your demographic will vary dependant on who your product caters to.

For example, if you’re selling hats for children try to implement terms they would relate to. A clothing brand aimed at the older gentlemen would have to relay its message differently. Always remember fast-fashion shouts where high-fashion whispers.


The clothing sector has been responsible for a lot of waste since the move from retail to digital sales. Consider being environmentally conscious when choosing your packaging.

Once again, your packaging should vary depending on your target demographic and product. These are things that can all be found in the brand strategy we will have helped you with right at the start of this process.

Creating Your Logo & Name

The next step on your branding journey is name creation and logo design.

Of course, it’s all well and good thinking of a great product, but if no one remembers your name and logo, it’s unlikely to reach its selling potential. In the fashion sector, your name and logo are essential.

Your logo is likely to be used across your products, it needs to be relatable to your customers, visually pleasing and memorable. You wouldn’t want a cheap, thrown-together-last-minute logo stitched onto a premium product.

Case Studies

Shopify Website for a Premium streetwear brand. All products were imported to the new sleek and stylish e-commerce website.

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shopify clothing design

Efficient, friendly, reliable, very knowledgeable. Highly recommended and I will continue to use their services moving forward

Anthony McCulleyAnthony McCulley Construction

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Web Design – eCommerce is King

eCommerce Web Design

We live in an age where it’s paramount to have a website that adequately
represents your brand. Web design is one of the key elements to building a
fashion brand, having a team of experts on your side will be extremely helpful.

When it comes to eCommerce web design, we have heaps of knowledge for your project. Whether it’s the best colour schemes to use or the implementation of add-ons and plug-ins to optimise your user experience.

Creating a User-Friendly Experience

In the clothing sector, there is a battle that constantly rages on. That is, of course, the battle for sales and to be seen. At Create8 we manage your website in its entirety.

Starting with the wireframing process and understanding how a user will navigate around your website to find what they are looking for. User experience is pivotal to success in the eCommerce clothing sector and we are here to provide intuitive ideas for your business to benefit from.

Unique Content

Think about the content that will be housed on your site. Will you need content writers and copywriters to create the text for bespoke blog content and the blurb that appears on each page along-the-way.

Knowing the sector key terms and implementing them within the pages of your site is something we can help with. Within the clothing sector, you need to do everything you can to get people onto your website.

Security & Maintenance

Having a great website for your clothing brand is one thing, but making sure that the great website remains fully optimised is another. Don’t miss out on sales because your website isn’t being maintained properly, this is why we offer support and maintenance as part of our Web Design packages.

Within eCommerce, security will always be important, especially when people are purchasing from your store using their cards and other vital information. We recommend using a professional to make sure any leaks that could happen are frequently patched and maintained.

Case Studies


We worked with HEX on their launch of the brand! Their slick new website, branding, products and packaging were all brought to life through collaboration between everyone at Create8.

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Marketing – It’s time to go to market

Marketing Your Business

So, your clothing brand has been created and launched. All the branding is
fantastic, and you know that your demographic is going to love you. Your website is up and running and looks just as fantastic as your products.

When marketing your clothing brand, there are countless different approaches that you can take. Whether it’s traditional out of house marketing or more
technologically savvy digital marketing. The best clothing brands tick all the boxes to make themselves as recognisable as possible. Every good brand needs to remember: ‘you can’t put a value on brand recognition.’


The clothing sector continues to adapt to the world of AR and 360 photography. You need to step up your game or get caught behind. The photography you have of your product is essential to how well it will sell.

If people are buying your clothing from home, they need to see it in all of its glory. Making up for the loss of trying clothes on in a high street store. Great photography is also brilliant for social media, which brings us to the next step for marketing your clothing brand.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is the hub of all that’s going on in the world. If your business can’t be seen there, the question stands, where is it? As a clothing brand, you need to stay active and on the ball. Social media is a constantly changing and evolving sector. Marketing on social media is popular in the fashion sector and can be done in several ways.

Traditional, paid for social media adverts on platforms such as Facebook. Or if it suits your business you could dip your toe in the waters of influencer marketing. At Create8 we can help your business with all forms of social media marketing. Clothing brands still love to be in the public eye, what business doesn’t? No value can be put on brand recognition. It’s safe to say you can’t walk through a city centre without thinking about the billboards you see. That is exactly what they want!

Graphic Design

With lots of expertise in graphic design, we can help your brand develop hard-copy out-of-house marketing materials. These sorts of materials will support your clothing brand and drive people to look for you online.

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Let us craft a beautiful clothing website for your business.

Building a Clothing Brand FAQ’s

Do you have expertise in the clothing sector?

As a creative agency, we set our minds and our hands to whatever is needed for each one of our customers. We have worked with various clothing brands and managed to pick up some expert tips along-the-way. We’ve learnt the lessons, so your brand doesn’t have to and we can’t wait to help grow your clothing brand. So, in short, yes.

Do I have to hire you for every job?

Of course not. At Create8 we like to push the boundaries with our creative work. Therefore, if you have already started to formulate your brand before coming to us, that’s fine. If we think something that’s been done by someone else is great, we will tell you!

How long will my project take?

Well, here’s the toughest question we ever get asked. When we scope out the feasibility of your project, we can give you the expected dates for your project. However, as we know the clothing sector is specifically challenging, we can flex ourselves if you have important deadlines on the horizon.