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As we stand in the shallows of what is predictably going to be another strange year for us all, let’s look in-depth at the marketing trends we expect to see in 2021. It feels like a fresh start doesn’t it? Although being hit with a potential six-week lockdown before we had even made it a week into the new year, isn’t exactly the start we had planned. It is what it is, and we all have no option but to plough on with our lives and businesses.

Let’s assess the trends of the coming year and tweak your marketing. Or maybe you can position yourselves differently in the coming 6 weeks? Either way, we hope this blog can help you develop your marketing efforts for 2021.

Marketing your purpose 👌

In business, it’s a common trait to be defensive of your product or business. When asked, ‘Is this all it does?’ we look at the toilet brush we’ve developed and say ‘…you can scratch your back with it too, and maybe paint a wall’. Leave that nonsense in 2020. Because 2021 is all about purpose.

Knowing why you exist and the purpose you have for your customers is essential to navigating change. If you don’t know who your product is for and why they need or want it, spend some time getting to know what sets you apart from the crowd.

Connection marketing 😀

We live in a world where you can access anything you want by the click of a button. A flight to a far off land or the latest pair of trainers and absolutely everything in between. It’s the age of necessity, however, as the world has spent the last year healing, we feel a lot more connected to it.

In marketing for 2021, we expect to see a lot more connection marketing. Businesses will look to touch on making the relationship between consumer and product a lot more human.

Expect to see people playing on the options you have available, you could have the cheapest underwear or you could have the eco-friendly choice. If you have a selling point that offers extra value and a connection to your clients, use it in your marketing this year, we all want to feel wanted!

Trust marketing 👍

Trust is built between a customer and a brand when the product they have marketed is delivered in exactly the manner advertised. Trust is something that will always be valued within marketing, but 2021 is no normal year. It’s a year where the population will be fighting back against the Covid stricken UK, creating a brand that can be trusted is an absolute win.

There is also a lot of weight gathering behind the idea of relinquishing demographics-based targeting and shifting to a belief based audience. People’s beliefs will be far more valuable to them in 2021 than the nearest product or business available geographically. Having not travelled for a year, customers will be more than happy to drive an extra hour to purchase something they believe in.

Participation marketing 🤝

Asking our customers to participate in what we do is something that will never go away in the world of marketing. As we currently sit in lockdown 3.0 – return of the lockdown, more and more of us have spare time on our hands. What are we doing? Probably scrolling through social media. Which means the companies who are running social media growth campaigns, that rely on customer participation, are growing significantly.

It feels like in 2021 we are all going to be willing to go the extra mile. If your business needs more substantial participation, UGC or reviews for example, just ask for them.

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