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As life returned to the desolate Manchester streets this month it got us thinking. On the back of this incredibly strange year, which let’s be honest, most of us can’t wait to see end. What has life really been like? What will we tell our children, and their children after that, about 2020? Finding a place to start will be a difficult thing!

So whilst the year of hibernation is fresh on our minds and still very much present, we wanted to offer you all a little insight into Manchester life in 2020.

Staring at the same four walls

In 2020, we have all become a little more in the know when it comes to the four walls of our homes. We could tell you which corners have resident spiders and which don’t, and we’ve spent so much time with them, we will call them pets from now on, Eamon and Ruth. Anyway, during the prolonged period at home, it turns out that spending time alone has actually promoted business growth for some. Being a branding agency based in Manchester, it’s invigorating to see new business rises from the ashes of Covid-19. However, it’s vital to not forget those who simply couldn’t continue without the treasured footfall our city provides.

We’ve seen the hospitality sector crumble beneath the tightening grip of the virus and the painstakingly low support levels of the government. But, without the darkness, we’d have no definition of light. So that’s what we’ll focus on. The growth of new businesses, which if people hadn’t had so much time on their hands would have likely remained as no more than figments in their minds.

It turns out the time alone has brought clarity and hunger into the entrepreneurs of the city! New pieces of branding, as well as some fantastic marketing campaigns, have wiped through the city like a wave where under normal circumstances they would have sat on street corners fighting to gain the attention of passers-by. There will no doubt be plenty more brilliant things to come from Manchester, so we’ve got our eyes set firmly on the horizon.

Positivity is as infectious as COVID

Covid has highlighted the power of positivity, which spreads even faster and has a much better effect. Businesses within Manchester have decided to put positivity front and centre and highlight it within their day-to-day branding.

Take one particular business, Feel Good Club, whose sign read recently, ‘Reminder. Whatever you have the energy for today is enough.’ Showing a united front against the unhappiness that Covid has brought since the very start. The NQ based wellbeing coffee house have aimed their brand at sheer and unadulterated happiness and we are here for it.

We’re all in this together

Try and read that title without belting out High School Musical, we dare ya. You went Efron, didn’t you? Knew it!

2020 has shown us that against the harshness of winter, we are stronger as one. The togetherness we are talking about has been shown in abundance throughout the year. Whether it was the tireless NHS staff who will never receive enough praise, or the country as we backed Captain Tom Moore who became the aptly labelled, the ‘one man funding machine’.

We think 2020 has made other businesses realise the value of each other. Your competitors are largely what spur you on in business, and competition is healthy for everyone involved. Throughout the year we’ve seen brands come together to support one another and make sure that when all of this plays out, we will have a high street to return too.

The time alone does make the heart grow fonder. Never did we think we would miss walking around a crowded ASDA, or hugging the bloke next to us at Old Trafford when United scored despite him being half drunk and smelling of aftershave and cigarettes. But we do. We miss each other, and existing together is what we all need.

There was a brilliant sign in Northern Quarter florist, Northern Flower, this past week that said, ‘The power of the people is STRONGER than the people in power.’ We couldn’t agree more, shall we have one more chorus of High School Musical? OK, not today. But when we meet again?


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We hope the lessons of 2020 have been as beneficial for you as they have for us. The light at the end of the tunnel, always has us asking, but what after the light? But, we suppose that’s just the beauty of life, isn’t it.

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