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We’ve been thinking and we want to break down the things 2020 has taught us. And how we will be taking those lessons into 2021. Okay, so it’s been a little crazy. When we say a little, we mean an absolute whirlwind of crazy. For each of us, the four walls of our houses are becoming pretty melancholic, however, we are thankful that we have our health and send well-wishes to those fighting at this moment in time.

So, here we go, a little list of 2020 lessons for 2021. Not the whole, ‘new year, new me’ nonsense, just an honest appraisal of the strangest year to date.

Your time is precious ⏱️

We know this might sound a little bit ‘preachy’ for want of a better term, but honesty is the best policy after all. 2020 has taught all of the Create8 team that time is precious. Being away from your loved ones as well as your work colleagues takes its toll on us, physically and mentally. We promise in 2021, or whenever life returns to some kind of normality that we will be appreciating every passing moment.

Work/life balance 💼

OK, so 2020 has had us cooped up, working from home constantly. That has of course had some positives, which we will move on to. However, with working at home all of the time, work-life balance becomes somewhat blurred. This includes not being productive enough with your workload, as well as, not enjoying your day-to-day life. So balance is the key in 2021. As a business we love our employer brand, and I know that sounds a bit rich coming from us, but it’s a pretty great place to work. We want our staff to love being at work, and we’re hoping ‘at work’ will come back in 2021, we’re all sick of making or own brews all day…

Video calls 📹

Companies the rest of the business world owes thanks to as we wave 2020 goodbye. It’s those who run the video streams of the world. Whether it’s been a hangout, a zoom call or skype, it’s allowed us to keep working and we wholeheartedly appreciate that. Seeing the faces of our team as we screen share the design process for a new proposal, video calls are awesome. They’ve made interacting with clients simple too, although we did become a little over-reliant at one point and it felt like we were in group chats all day every day!


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Boring brews! ☕

On a light-hearted note, we will never take a brew made by someone else for granted in 2021. There’s something about not making your own brew that just makes it taste so much better. The old saying, ‘if you want something doing, do it yourself’ certainly didn’t mean brews anyway. Even the bad ones, the ‘I don’t drink coffee but I’ll try my best’ kind of ones, we’ve even missed those and that’s saying something. Oh, and if you’re making us tea in 2021, don’t put the milk in first you animal!

Us 👋

No, not that bizarre film by Jordan Peele that we still can’t get our heads around. 2020, despite the setbacks, has been a pretty significant year for us in terms of growth and we can’t thank our clients enough for that. Sometimes you can lose sight of the focus when you’re having to slug it out. Like extra time in football, everything becomes frantic while you fight for the win. But in reality, sticking to what makes you special is what will pull you through.

We think we have been a little stubborn this year and really understood Create8 as a business. As the team has grown, it’s highlighted the desire our staff have to be a part of the journey and honestly, we couldn’t be prouder. We think the importance of marketing this, marketing Create8, who we are, what we do and how we do it, may have dropped off a little during the lockdown. Making sure this doesn’t happen again in 2021 will be our main focus.

So here we are, at the end of our brief insight into some of our 2020 lessons. Thank you for reading, as in doing so you’re another integral part of the Create8 puzzle.

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