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We love Etsy. It has quickly become the one-stop-shop for a plethora of creatives when selling products online. Spending time scrolling through the good, the bad and the sometimes ridiculous, is almost as addictive as a TikTok marathon. But amongst the hoards of hand-made bits-and-bobs, there are moments of pure brilliance. From excellently crafted jewellery to hilarious hand-made cards, there’s a gift on Etsy for everyone.

The question that arises is, ‘should you sell on Etsy or should you build your own eCommerce website for selling products online?’ Honestly, there are pros and cons to being an Etsy merchant and being an independent retailer. If you continue reading, we will try to fish out the best and worst reasons, and hopefully, help you and your business out.

Being with Etsy

Positives of selling products online with Etsy

Ease 😀

After the years of laughing and pretending you weren’t listening as your family begged you to sell your crafted goods. Etsy is able to offer you a helping hand from the start. One of the best things about the platform is its ease. It makes selling simple, and as most crafters usually start off as a side project, it’s a fantastic place to start. Building an eCommerce website is time-consuming, whereas Etsy is almost ready-to-go.

Instantly believable 👍

It’s vital to remember that Etsy is a HUGE brand, customers are more inclined to trust you and your products. Building customer trust externally can be a pain-staking process of reviews and recommendations and can take months or even years.

Negatives of selling online with Etsy

Limitations 😟

Unfortunately for sellers, all of that ease comes at a cost, and that cost is mainly the limitations placed on the design. Customising your pages to your own style is not what it could be on your own website. Everybody has the same structure for a level playing field, so no changing your fonts, sizes or layout

Cost 💰

Both Etsy and your own website come at a cost. Etsy takes a fee off every sale you make on their website. Sounds fair enough, but make sure you check that you’re happy with the current % you’ll lose.

Competition 🏅

The hoards of traffic, all rushing to search Etsy for something special are great, and that’s what everybody else is thinking too. People understand the value that the Etsy traffic can generate, your product is immediately in a saturated marketplace. If fighting off competition from people who are doing incredibly similar things isn’t for you, then maybe neither is Etsy.

ECommerce Web Design

Positives of eCommerce web design

Creative control 🕹️

The beauty of having your own eCommerce website is that you have complete control over all aspects of the site itself. From the way you want it to look to the hidden SEO aspects that lurk in the shadows. Everything is comfortably in your capable hands, and if that definitely should excite you. Your marketing also benefits from having your own site. You can focus on factors like re-marketing and google adverts. Meaning you can drive traffic and potential customers to your pages, more people means more sales and in turn more profit.

You’re serious about this 🤝

It’s quite simple really, in having your own site it shows that you have invested time and resources into your business. Commitment creates commitment. Meaning that potential customers are more likely to buy into something you are invested in. This is also highlighted by how memorable you are. If you have your own site, people will remember your URL and pass it on to friends.

Only buying from you 👈

Having your own eCommerce website, it goes without saying that everything on that site is all about and from, you. Your potential customers’ aren’t distracted by the work and products of a rival seller. Simple but effective.

Negatives of having an eCommerce website

Knowledge 🤓

Firstly, you need to know what you are doing. Businesses can be successful in building their own eCommerce websites. But if you are unsure of the internal workings, hiring a web design expert will save time in the short and long term. Meaning you won’t miss out on sales when your website has a glitch you can’t fix.

More work 🔨

It sounds obvious, but once you have your own eCommerce website, it will need constant work. Not just work on the site itself (maintenance etc), but also marketing. If your brand new, just launched website is going to get noticed you will need to be marketing from the get-go. You won’t immediately appear next to more prominent companies in google searches without a comprehensive marketing plan. A strategy is essential to get noticed and to generate sales. You’ll need SEO and marketing knowledge, as well as plenty of spare time on your hands if you are going to compete with the big players.

Winning V Losing ⚔️

Selling your products online; no matter the formula you choose to use, if you’re selling, you’re winning. People like what you do, and bringing happiness to your customers is what business is all about. In our experience, if you have the skillset or budget, you will naturally move your business on to its own eCommerce platform. Once you reach this stage, it’s important that you contact someone with sector experience. Building a website is a tricky process and marketing can become extremely expensive if you don’t get it right.

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As a design and marketing agency in Manchester, we look forward to your exciting project. If you have a big idea up your sleeve, or if you feel it’s time to take a leap and build an eCommerce website. We are the web design agency for you! Why not give us a call or send us an email.

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