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Over the past few months, the world has taken a moment away from the mundane to heal and come back anew. Most businesses have realised the true value of a fantastic website, and those who already knew have worked on web development to get theirs up to par. As we have all pried deeper into the success of our websites, the value of an online shopfront runs much deeper than sales alone.

This blog will outline the many ways that as a business, you can use your website and further web development to improve your everyday processes, save money and reinforce the brilliant brand you’ve built.

Catching the prospects 🕸️

As all of those prospective customers swim around your website, it’s all about capturing the ones who show a genuine interest in what you have to offer. How successful your website is at data-capture will primarily be down to how well the site itself works and the implementation of well-presented contact forms.

Have you ever wondered why the first thing you see on enquiry based websites are data capture forms? Or why the link you followed from a Facebook advert has sent you straight to a data capture landing page?

Well, that’s because capturing data is pivotal to driving sales. Warm leads are far more beneficial in terms of conversion rate and having them captured automatically also saves on those valuable staff-hours.

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What do people want? 🤔

One of the most challenging tasks for any businessperson is finding out the secrets of their customers. What do they want to see from you next and what changes would they make to your current products? Positive and Negative feedback is the information that drives businesses forward and finding this information out via integrated questionnaires is both proficient and reliable.

Gathering useful information is one of the key ways that your website can help your business move away from a lack of sales. Collecting this sort of information can be difficult as people don’t want to give away too much face-to-face, but to a capture form online, they are more willing. Listen to your customers and you’ll go a long way!

A place to store the boring stuff! 😴

The boring is actually the most essential. The terms and conditions, the privacy policy, etc. Things that are necessary to the success of your business. Without legislation and legalities you are unable to proceed in the business world.

Imagine if rather than having ready access to terms and conditions online you had to email each potential customer a copy of those files? It would be costly, time-consuming and mind-numbingly dull, luckily the whole process is dealt with by your website’s presence.

The world of client portals 📝

The days of picking up the phone and ringing people seem to be numbered. Staying in the loop with your clients by integrating a client portal within your website is the future.

A client portal will give your clients an area within the workings of your website. You can keep any collaborative projects within the portal, allowing them to log in at any time to see the progress. The client is able to inform you of any potential tweaks or edits they may see beneficial, which will save you time in the long run.

Think long term 👵👴

Having a website built by a professional web developer can seem like an unnecessary cost at times. However, a site that outperforms the rest, ticks all the business process boxes and is well maintained will save you far more money and time than it will cost. So look at it this way, you could build your site yourself, and you could maintain it every six months, or you could splash out on something brilliant and never have to lift a finger for further web development again.

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