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Here we are, in the age of aesthetic prowess. Never before has product photography been so crucial to driving sales. In yesteryear, potential customers would choose a brand purely based on reputation or a black and white photo in the paper. All of that has changed.

As a creative agency, we understand the perspective of the consumer, and we also visualise the same success for your brand that you do.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the importance of product photography and insights on how to get it right.

Having your own content is essential 👍

We’re sure you will have heard us preach about content. When we talk content, we mean everything you produce. The product photography and imagery you create is an extension of your voice. It’s your vision! And that vision allows your potential clients to see your product in the same way that you do. In all its shiny new glory and for the purposes you imagined it.

Gone are the days of shoddy catalogue style photos; everything needs to be fresh and original, you need to make us want what we don’t have, and stock images just don’t cut it.

Having original content also means having something to put out across social media. As you are probably aware, this is incredibly important! On social media, it’s important to engage with your followers and friends and providing them with something they haven’t seen somewhere else, adds value to your brand.

It’s yours! 😁

Your own imagery essentially clears you of any wrongdoing. Your business remains free of not only the stress that could come with a copyright lawsuit but also any potential negativity online. Protecting your product and brand by simply taking your own pictures, sounds simple right?

Another one of the beneficial reasons for having your own imagery is the protection it gives you across search engines. Using original content lessens your competitor’s ability to sell its products on the back of a google search for your image. If someone searches for your product, they will find your website. In comparison, those who use generic stock images can suffer, as multiple products will appear when the image is searched for online.

Uniformity 📸

When you create imagery, you have full control over the look and feel of the final product. Keeping your online presence uniform is often overlooked by businesses and can cost a lot of money to rectify. If a company is in control of the direction of its content, it can relate product photography directly to the brand image and long term strategy.

Knowing what products you will be producing in the future will allow the business to consult the strategy and plan for all future product photography shoots, ensuring consistency.

But my product isn’t ready yet! 🤭

We understand that sometimes the manufacturing stage can take longer than expected, and delays in receiving your products mean delays in taking your photography.

This is where technology will lend a hand. We would recommend utilising an experienced designer to create a CAD render of your product. 3D visuals give your potential customers, who after your brilliant digital marketing campaign will be eagerly awaiting your product, the chance to see it.

Seeing is believing. Creating that vision, makes people want to purchase, and could drive those much needed early sales through the roof. If you used a stock image whilst you wait for the product to be complete, you will create a false identity for your product, possibly losing the trust of your initial followers.

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When it comes to planning, creating and driving businesses forward, Create8 is an innovative company with plenty of know-how. All of our projects pack a punch. If you need help, advice or an innovative mindset for your new product photography or CAD renders, give us a call, or pay us a socially distanced visit. We are always waiting for the next challenge, and can’t wait to hear from you.

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