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Do blogs really make a difference to your website rankings?

As a blog post talking about blog posts… you can probably guess this will have a positive tone. But we will offer you an honest insight into all things content-related and how it can all come back to your website’s SEO. So, are you currently piecing together 1,000 words a few times a week and uploading them to your website? Or at least thinking about doing it? It’s not always as simple as it sounds and we know how little time you have to spare!

If you are not currently building unique blog content and uploading it to your company site, we would advise doing so. In this blog, we will offer you some reasons why blog content is a fantastic bonus for your company to provide free of charge to customers.

Social Media

Once you have your social media platforms boxed off, and you’re producing brilliant content. Think about varying the content you create, for example, a constant flurry of pictures although aesthetically pleasing grows tiresome reasonably quickly if the audience fails to interact with the images.

Using links to your blog posts within your social media content plan is a great way to mix up your content whilst keeping it relevant. Not only that but it will help drive traffic to your website, and that’s a win-win, as traffic converts into brand awareness and sales.

Blogs also offer your company the opportunity to give industry insight and puts you in the position of experts within your sector. Potential customers want to shop with someone who knows what they are doing. The more in-depth and relatable the content is, the more opportunity you create for your business to capture the attention of the consumer, drive traffic and make sales.

101. How to think of Blog Posts for your Sector (Digital Marketing Tips)

Sharing is caring

The key to all great blog content is that it is sharable. Talking about things people don’t know or sharing insights that haven’t been covered, top tips and advice; all these topics can make your content unique, and we all love love learning new information. What’s more important is that people also love sharing the new things they have learnt with other people; friends, family and coworkers.

In the current digital climate, anything that has a level of ‘shareability’ has the potential to become viral. Which means more eyes on your blogs, more people on your website and hopefully more sales.x


Customer loyalty towards a brand builds as they learn more about the businesses personality and the way it thinks. Our tips are: be honest with what you share, offer insight as to why you feel a certain way and always remain level headed, no one wants to see a business arguing with every troll. Or if you are genuinely stuck, hire a professional content writer/copywriter, they will have the skills to create the content you and your customers will read and learn from.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Knowing how to improve your search engine optimisation organically can be one of the most beneficial steps to take when developing your website. So where does blog content come into the equation?

Blog content is one of the best ways to update your website, keep things fresh and tick those valuable SEO boxes. Learning to tailor your posts to ensure the inclusion of relevant keywords and terms. The keywords you use will be specific to your industry and the work you do, drawing in the right readers.

Appearing higher in search engine searches can be the difference between making a few sales from specific searches and gaining all the business you can handle! If you are unaware of the key search terms in your industry, we would advise seeking the help of an SEO and content specialist to help you devise a strategy.

All-in-all blogs are an incredible tool for driving traffic to your website and enhancing the opportunity to drive sales with your marketing funnel. Make sure you are tailoring your blog content to create the best results and drive the right potential customers.

Blogs are incredibly flexible and can be used in various ways; the key will always be the execution of the blog itself and its integration into your website and processes.

If you are looking for any advice regarding your blog content, content creation or SEO, contact us, and we will be more than happy to help

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