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How blogs improve your website

With more people choosing what they believe in from internet face value rather than the old-school, meetings and handshakes, it’s time you get savvy with what you put on your website. Trust us; a blog is one-hundred per cent worth the effort. I suppose it’s easy for us to say that, so we’ve put together a little pick-&-mix of the reasons why.

Well first things first, what do all great business people want on their website but not on their way home? Traffic! So here’s the thing about housing a blog on your website. It drives traffic! Having original content is an absolute must when it comes to your website. Your sites SEO is dictated by the material contained on your website and its likeness to the searches that prospective customers make. Meaning a blog on elastic bands could be tailored to match-up with the keywords associated with the elastic band industry, ta-da your SEO for elastic-band related searches would spring up. If you were to outsource your blog writing, of course, you would expect a specialist to make sure the material they produce ticks all the boxes when it comes to your sector-specific key terms.


As we all know, a good story makes good news, and a better story makes it viral, when it comes to blogs, the internet savvy generation has thoroughly bought into the idea of not judging a book by its cover, or in this case a blog by its header. Therefore, the likelihood of the story or tips you share being passed from wall to wall is increased drastically by it being well-phrased, engaging and succinct. The trick all good content producers will know, is how much is too much.

Keeping you relevant

Allowing a blog to find its home on your website also opens the door for you to interact with your visitors with regards to any trending topics. If there is a new product in your industry, talk about it! If you’ve been nominated for an award, talk about it! The key to relevance, however, is where you draw the line. Do people want to know you have a new kettle? Probably not. But any cute pictures of cats…keep them coming. Once again, how relevant a subject is would fall into the opinion of an expert, and in your industry that needs to be you. If you hire someone to do your blogs for you, brilliant, but make sure you share your knowledge with them before you allow them to paint pretty wordy pictures for you.

Keeping the customers around

As well as getting those elusive customers through the door, having a blog helps you to keep them around a little longer. It’s important to remember that if your blogs are interesting, people are going to want to read them, that goes for every single one. Our tip would also be to share a snippet of what you offer and to entice them to stay around to read more. Bear in mind, the amount of customers who trust a brand significantly increases once they’ve found an interest in a piece of content the brand has produced.

In a nutshell

Blogs have become almost integral to all good websites, not only with SEO and google rankings but also in the stakes of good old-fashioned brand recognition and trust. So if you feel your website is failing to tick the boxes when it comes to blog content, drop us a message and we’ll see just how far we can enhance your website’s productivity.